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Letter: NRA sway?

It amazes me that when someone doesn't agree with the results of a poll the poll must be wrong or it asked the wrong question . It sure worked for the pundits on Fox news who said that the polls were wrong and that Mitt would win in a landslide didn't it.

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Letter: Shame on us

I believe in a person's right to own a gun. But face it. Anyone who needs an automatic weapon with a 30 round magazine to hit a target probably shouldn't own one for his own safety. And anyone who is afraid of a background check probably has something to hide. And don't give me that old excuse that the information can be used by the government to "get to you." If you have a Social Security number and file a tax return they have more than enough information to do that.

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Letter: NRA sway?

Spend sometime reading a newspaper or watching any news outlet except Fox and you would know that the numbers are the result of several valid polls.

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Godless acts?


What I said is that those who espouse that the world was created soley by god are being disingenuous in their beliefs if their actions act against the environment and they continue to supporti leaders who continue to work to destroy that creation.

Of course those thoughts don't fit within some people's dogma. As a result they choose to distort and vilify them as being out-of-hand rather than an opinion for rational discourse.

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