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Two Lawrence police officers suspended for role in fixing traffic tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets

I've had the opportunity to watch police deal with others (used to work close to downtown, with many calls for the homeless), and I've interacted with Lawrence police on several occasions. I must disagree 100 percent. While there are many issues with the department -- attrition, the atrocious and probably lawbreaking records department, and so on -- the actual police officers seem to me to be highly respectful and not at all "entitled."

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Toughened up, Jeff Withey ‘fabulous’

I have to disagree, and say that Bobby Knight is one of the two or three color broadcasters in any sport that I've ever liked.

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6th grader submits antifreeze law to Legislature

Considering the amount of chemicals that make their way into Kansas soil -- and then Kansas aquifers and water sources -- I think regulation of any and every chemical isn't a bad idea. Antifreeze, in particular, is widespread and commonly used -- maybe an ounce of prevention could go a long way here.

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Legislature considering 13 alcohol bills

Gov. Sam Brownback considering 13 alcohol bottles

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Sound Off: I heard that postage went up recently. Are the “forever” stamps that were purchased in 20

Or, if your receiving company would do bills online, you're only losing 30-odd cents for each bill vs. 40-odd.

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Who's your Buddy? Royals tap Bell manager

worst decision ever.

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Health plea

As a small-government conservative, here is where I draw the line. You can only cut so much from programs before you end up hurting us all.

Unless we're going to kill the mentally ill, we'd better take care of them. And foisting them upon hospitals, upon prisons isn't going to help them, and it will only cause disruption and loss of resources at the hospitals and prisons.

People -- particularly conservatives -- frame it as a "We can't do X because it will cost Y" issue. But how much M O R E will it cost all taxpayers if we don't take care of the mentally ill, then have to pay for their hospitalization, for their extreme lack of care?

Even from a perspective of 100% selfishness, the answer ought to be "We can't afford to not do X, because it will save Z, which is far greater than the cost of Y alone."

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Sound Off: Why are all of your political cartoons anti-Republican?

Fretster, nice reply. It sure was factual too. What are your facts that refute his statement?

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Sound Off: Why are all of your political cartoons anti-Republican?

It shouldn't be liberals vs. conservatives. It ought to be normal Americans, willing to work on issues collaboratively vs. the idiots who treat politics like warfare, and make comments like those up and down this thread.

There is some bias within us all -- some all liberal, some all conservative, some in between. At least editorialists and readers of editorials can admit their biases. The LJWorld does indeed play Brownback hard -- speaking as a conservative, I'll say he deserves it. They didn't seem to treat Sebelius the same way, I'll admit, but maybe that's for a reason.

Many editorials here, written by owner Dolph Simons, are extremely conservative. This publication syndicates George Will. The LJWorld offers perspective from both sides, consistently. "Sounding off" about how the LJWorld is biased only highlights the bias of those writing in.

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Capitol Briefing: Brownback lobbies for tax credits

"Gov. Sam Brownback and Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, both Republicans, are urging key members of Congress to extend the wind energy production tax credit."

I assume they're framing this in a we-can-afford-to-add-government-spending-to-our-budget light... wait a minute!

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