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Letter: Respite request

Voltaire, whose slogan was "ecrasez l'infame" and who coined the statement that he would not be satisfied *until the last king is strangled in the entrails of the last priest" would be spinning in his grave with joy. Nobody was a greater critic of religious cant., Back to Western Civ 101 for you!

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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

First the Fundies, now the enablers of murder. Also, let's not forget about the blue-nose hypocrites who got Dennis Daley's sexual education class taken out of the curriculum.

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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

The University has been sucking up to these crypto-fascists for years, and where has it got us in terms of funding and support? If the administration would take a stand in defense of Guth we could be proud of her again. The University wont, of course, as its motto remains "Nolo ofendere." Shameful, cowardly.

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Opinion: ‘Diversity’ focus drags down education

Political correctness is indeed a crock, and our schools should abandon their lobby-driven preoccupation with "diversity" in favor of a curriculum that stresses common bonds and consensus rather than Balkanizing American history. However, George Will, who can write a good baseball column when he wishes, does the critique a serial disservice with his precious, smart-aleky prose style and his excessive beating of a warhorse that still has considerable life in it.

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Letter: AFP agenda

These people are not merely "disingenuous" but downright stupid. They are sowing the seeds to destroy their own "free enterprise" ideology. Just as young people are leaving their churches in droves out of disgust for
the excesses of the right-wing Xians, so are more citizens coming to believe that, if the delegated authorities are out only to protect a bunch of tax-dodgers like AFP, they must take things in their own hands with local levies, volunteerism, and other responsible ways to address needs the righties have left them by default. These idiots have spawned "the socialism of the willing," and guess what - It works!

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Letter: GOP values

A good letter about a worthy but overdone target: Unsilent Cal. His stock photo looks tough, but I have seen him on a TV panel with his shoe-polish moustache and deferential manners. Reminds me of the old character actor Franklin Pangborn, who played the milquetoast roles in noir madcap movies.

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Letter: PAC influence

No, it doesnt stand for "laissez faire" at all ; that would imply a level playing field. A better mot juste might be "fait accompli": you promote a majority of commissioners beholden to the Chamber, you get what you paid for. Tant pis aux citoyens!

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Letter: PAC influence

Most of the ones you name finished their terms and chose not to try to serve "forever," Farmer,Chestnut, Amyx, francisco are hardly "has beens" although they, like half the other commissioners listed, will eventually pass on and be forgotten by all but local politics junkies like Wilbur and me. Are Lincoln and FDR "has beens" because they are no longer living?

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Letter: Due process?

The President nor anyone else should be able to orchestrate "hits" on American citizens without due process. Period. I don't know that the constitutional definition of "treason" is subject to due process, however, and perhaps they ought to work on it from that angle.

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New pro-business political action committee enters city commission race, fueled by $5,000 donation

How about NYC? Bloomberg gets plaudits from both sides locally, yet I didn't see him getting invited to C-PAC!

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