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City Commission tells downtown car show organizers to rethink plans

It's intererting how theses cc's that have a buriness that does no business suddlenly are elected to run the cities business and ruin business for everyone elese.

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Lien registered to collect debt owed to KU

It can't be a tax lein or he can appeal.

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Lawrence man sentenced to 32 months in prison for hitting victim with nearly full liquor bottle

Unsevolked .,.hardly? old and new boy friend drama in the dorm. Never rub salt in a freash wound, while they are drinking vodka? unprevolked is ljw drama.

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Statehouse Live: Push on for medical marijuana in Kansas

The haves will be robbed by the have nots. Think about a home invaision robbery of 4 or more ounces of high grade grass. It's like a school yard bully taking your lunch money. He knows you will get more so he will come back again and again and take your medical pot and what a good robbrey of 1200 or more in street value and any othes stuff else he wants.

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Douglas County prosecutors file more charges in connection with Walmart armed robbery

George is a former criminal loving defence lawyer lying for hire scumbag. Lol.

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City Commissioner Aron Cromwell discusses how business background will help his expected tenure as mayor

What does a dog do to eveything he doesn't eat? lol

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Lawrence man arrested following armed disturbance in 2900 block of Missouri Street

These are twisted people. The same thing happed at my house they stout and scream on the sidewalk throw bottles at your house and provoke you to come out then they call the 911 and claim you have a gun just to cover their own bad behaviour.

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A busy early morning in Lawrence

It's time for a public disturbance ordiance with a 1000 cash bond and fine.

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Gov. Brownback, SRS secretary discussing marriage initiatives

Bubble double toil and trouble....i hate to be the one to bust your bubble....but this is all about baby mamma drama and slashing benefits for the who daddy me don't know girl. Lol.

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