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New furniture store opens in downtown Lawrence; Lecompton a finalist for best small town in Kansas

Are you kidding?

Lecompton is a dumpy, little town that's fading away; like most of the towns on that list. The houses are falling apart, there's junk and garbage in most front yards, the store fronts are vacant and in decay, the streets and sidewalks are broken, and the public spaces were last improved in the Nixon administration.

But I guess this also describes most of Kansas!

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KU Provost Jeff Vitter is preferred candidate for Ole Miss chancellorship

Wow...his major accomplishment in seven years is a strategic plan for KU.

That's it?

No new campus additions? No new education programs? No new student initiatives?

That must be one heckuva plan.

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Saturday Column: Regents, Relays and roads among comment topics

There are absolutely no worries when Gray Luttle resigns. KU already has a replacement in the form of the Provost.

His personal charisma and vision are only exceeded by his imagination and solid leadership skills. kU has nothing to worry about as the outstanding performance of the last several years will only continue.

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Saturday Column: KU faces challenges in finding, hiring top faculty

Perhaps the LJW can interview the Chancellor and Provost, since they are deemed to be articulate, proactive, and visionary. This is obvious, given the fantastic outcomes that have been generated during the last few yearrs at KU.

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Kansas Senate passes budget that includes cuts to KU and student financial aid

C'mon...we all know that edumacation is way overrated and you really don't need it to get a good job a meat packing plant or a telemarketing office.

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Saturday Column: Education needs stronger champions in Kansas

Are you suggesting that KU's leaders lack bold vision?

That the Chancellor and Provost can't deliver meaningful messages? That they can't relate to the "common" Kansan? That the ivory tower on Mt. Oread only has a window facing east to KC?

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Saturday Column: Why don’t legislators see value of higher education?

Because no one at KU understands economic development.

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Budget panel rejects 'absurd' KU requests for enhancement funding

ZOOM! Did you hear that?

Those are the other states passing Kansas by, because they are investing into education, infrastructure, and most importantly....people.

Don't be surprised when other schools upgrade their poaching efforts of key KU faculty.

But Kansas will still be able to recruit telemarketing companies and plastic molding companies...something Virgil Peck can probably understand in Tyro, Kansas.

But I gotta ask...where is Tyro...and does it have paved roads?

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Editorial: Practical plan

Does this mean that dem good payin jobs are gonna come out to Russell and Great Bend?

Do dem lab workers in their white lab coats like smellin cattle manure?

We got pole barns you can make into your fancy labs.


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Kansas Sen. Roberts skeptical of Obama moves on Cuba

The buffoons of Kansas voted in Roberts and Brownback and they think they have a mandate. Live with it.

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