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Kansas Sen. Roberts skeptical of Obama moves on Cuba

The buffoons of Kansas voted in Roberts and Brownback and they think they have a mandate. Live with it.

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KU partners with regional entrepreneurship program

Wow....I thought this relationship was created years ago. Why did it take so long? Are there "personality" issues again?

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KU announces visit by second finalist for vice chancellor of research

Forget these silly interviews. Just let the Provost use the direct hire process to bring in another former colleague/friend.

He's used it before and you can see the "great results" everywhere on campus.

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Saturday Column: Brownback must acknowledge error, alter course

Keith Richards is right. Other schools are actively recruiting research faculty and KU is becoming a "farm club"...a minor league franchise for the other schools.

You gotta realize that other states are doing the opposite of Kansas: they are funding their public universities and their respective research programs. Its an arms race...and Kansas has both of them tied behind it's back.

But don't worry...things like the computer, the Internet, and cancer drugs are way over-rated and Kansas can be happy with being home of some kind of deep fried food .

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Regents, university officials fear budget cuts ahead

We'll now KU can blame the state govt. for declining enrollment, instead of.....

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Saturday Column: State must look at education funding priorities

More money for edumacation? Kansas don't need dat.

Just cut taxes for meat packing companies and telemarketing centers and you get goooood paying jobs.

Besides, once you edumacate people, they leave Kansas. Dat ain't good.

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Saturday Column: Regents need better information on universities

Julie Goon leaving for Texas? Check around with KU people. Sometimes people that have had three different jobs at three different universities in less than four years is a sign of "other dynamics".

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Editorial: Water strategies

Just remember: no matter what the numbers say, building a viaduct from the Missouri River to help a few dozen wheat farmers stay on their semi desert land in western KS VIABLE solution.

That's how you can get money from the KS legislature.

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New revenue estimate prompts debate over Brownback's tax cuts

Here's what's really sad: this is very poorly written article and none of these posters even recognize it.

Did revenues go up or down and for what year? The cited numbers says yes. The words say no. The headline says: "I don't know".

The rest of the article and ambiguous quotes says that the author and news editor have a weak and lazy mind for editing.

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Senate votes to defund Common Core standards

What's the big deal?

Edumacation ain't dat important in da 21st century.

It ain't dat important for gettin a good job at a meat packing plant or a plastic company and dats where da state of Kansas is gonna grow.

And remember...when you edumacate people...they move away. And dat ain't good for most of Kansas. Except for the fancy pants people in Lawrence.

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