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New revenue estimate prompts debate over Brownback's tax cuts

Here's what's really sad: this is very poorly written article and none of these posters even recognize it.

Did revenues go up or down and for what year? The cited numbers says yes. The words say no. The headline says: "I don't know".

The rest of the article and ambiguous quotes says that the author and news editor have a weak and lazy mind for editing.

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Senate votes to defund Common Core standards

What's the big deal?

Edumacation ain't dat important in da 21st century.

It ain't dat important for gettin a good job at a meat packing plant or a plastic company and dats where da state of Kansas is gonna grow.

And remember...when you edumacate people...they move away. And dat ain't good for most of Kansas. Except for the fancy pants people in Lawrence.

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Report: Kansas winter wheat crop needs moisture

viaduct! viaduct! viaduct!

And because the ever shrinking block of wheat farmers are Repubs, the governor and legislature can easily become hypocrites and support a multi billion dollar pork barrel project.

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Economic report shows Kansas lagging in numerous categories of growth

But, but, but I thought the Kansas economy was suppose to off like a jet rocket, when those darn incomes were cut.

Only one thing to do: cut income taxes more and eliminate all taxes on investment income. This will surely stimulate the economy.

And eliminate $$ for edumacation. That will keep people here.

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Chancellor Gray-Little comes a long way to lead KU

Is this an effort by the LJW to "humanize" the leader of KU as to improve the chances of KU getting money from the legislature? You may need to do a few more...time is running out.

Are ya gonna try the same with the Provost? Good luck with that.

FYI: A February 2014 Business Week issue did an expose on the University of North Carolina scandal how passing grades were fabricated for student athletes. The problem was system-wide and during the same time period that Gray-Little was at UNC.

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KU's relations with Legislature have grown testier, officials say

"Communications" is a two way street. Perhaps some of the difficulty lies within KU. If you have spent time with KU administrators, you could envision why legislators and the Governor's office may be having difficulty in working with KU.

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Rhetoric heats up over KU as Senate committee approves plan that deletes some funding proposals for the school

Perhaps the Legislature has questions or concerns about KU's technology commercialization strategy; noting that recently a group of KU faculty have publicly requested control over their inventions they create on their own time. These two issues may be related.

Should KU present their commercialization strategy to the Legislature and respond to questions? This would help clear the air and support transparency.

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Saturday Column: KU deserves more support in Kansas Legislature

Two issues jump out:

1) Five years of declining enrollment at KU is a legitimate criteria for evaluating if and how new initiatives should be funded. Any business that was experiencing five years of declining sales, would take a very hard look at new ideas that serve as a distraction from the bottom line.

2) This bad relationship with the Gov. and legislature had been going on for a few years. There could be a "structural people problem" at KU with the top administrators. If you spend any time with them, you could see this being a potential issue.

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Editorial: Legislative logic?

For anyone familiar with the legislative - university funding process, this has to make you wonder why KU is being repeatedly "poked in the eye".

It also has to make you wonder if there are some significant people problems with KU administrators as this seems to have accelerated during the last few years and is perhaps approaching a "crisis" level.

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KU warns of accreditation issues at medical school, but committee rejects funding initiative

My goodness...who at KU is in charge of maintaining relations with the Governor's office and legislature?

It's just one financial hit after the other for KU and there appears to be true animosity between the two parties. None of this would be happening, if there wasn't some consensus within leadership at the Capital.

And where are the Regents to help poor ole KU?

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