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Lawrence city sidewalk ordinance ruled unconstitutional

Downtown is our "town square". Community socializing happens on mass st. I am glad that this ordinance has been deemed unconstitutional. There are a lot of interesting people around (if you take the time to stop and say hi). Simon is an awesome person. I am glad my friend is out and able to share his stories again. Do not judge by what you have heard or read, go experience first hand.

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City Hall leaders urge Occupy Lawrence protesters to ‘follow rules’

A fireman stopped by before the pit was fired and said it would follow regulations if it was an above-ground fire pit.
There were 40 people at last night's general assembly.

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For the second time, Lowe's is reconsidering opening in Lawrence. Would you support Lowe's considering the city for a third time?

We already have Cottin's, Ernst & Son's, Westlake & Home Depot.

Do we really need another harware corporation to move in?

Support you LOCALLY owned hardware stores.

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Hatching a revolution: Breeder outside Lawrence raising endangered birds

LOVE conquers ALL!
Birds roam & fly FREE!

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Do you have any large collections of themed items in your home?

my best friend has really pretty 70's mushroom (green/orange) decor: sugar/flour jars, teapot/teacups, teatowels / light fixtures.
another friend has deadhead theme: light fixtures, coasters, wall plaques, blankets, etc.

surrounded by what ya love :-)

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Kansas Sampler in downtown Lawrence has been charging extra 1 percent in sales tax on purchases

i knew this tourist-y kansas store was a waste of downtown space.

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What media would be the hardest to go a day without?

internet via smartphone.

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Legislator, law enforcement officials call for end to K2

anyone have some I can try? lol
awesome. lol
f**k the law.

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Would you watch television on the Internet?

I am just waiting for the palm pre to have adobe flash on it. I do not really care for t.v. Anyways.

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