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Group criticizes Koch brothers; urges Brownback to change course

Don't feed the GOP/Libertarian trolls, folks. They're too busy dealing with the cognitive dissonance of the Koch Brothers being just like George Soros but their favorite FOX News talking heads never talk about the Kochs or how they are far more involved in the electoral/policy-making process than Soros (at least here in Kansas, where the trolls live). So it's kind of boring to watch the back and forth between people that know better and people whose brains are chronically overloaded with facts that tell them they are pawns in a rich man's game.

Otherwise: is it too much to ask for the big money 501c3's driving buses through our state to connect with the groups that exist here, on the ground, and are already fighting the big money, big business influence on our state? Feel free to call us when you want to do more than a photo opp for future fundraising, Patriot Majority.

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