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Father says alcohol killed son, urges KU fraternity to ban drinking

My condolences to the Wren family and Jason's friends. It would be normal for Mr.Wren to wonder why someone couldn't have saved his son. I recently had to take a 22 yr old to the ER for alchohol poisoning. He had a strict step-father who used a breathalyzer on him and his siblings all through high school. When he finally got freedom he knew no boundaries. Now he is in substance abuse therapy and found out he has a personality disorder that once he starts drinking he can't stop. To him, more was better.
He needed help. He is getting it now. Lots of people could have stepped in to help Jason... including KU Housing by requiring him to get counseling as to why he couldn't obey the rules. My heart goes out to everyone who knew Jason.

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Father blames alcohol for KU student's death

Condolences to Jason's family. It's hard to lose a child. The article says, "Jay Wren said his son moved in to the SAE house a couple of weeks ago after getting kicked out of his KU dorm for drinking and other violations." KU Housing was obviously aware of Jason's problems. Too bad they couldn't get him some counseling. 19 yr. old kids need guidance away from school. Colleges help kids adjust all the time. They need to help the ones they know have problems. Some kids have very strict parents in high school and then get away and go overboard. This may or may not have happened but he needed help. KU knew about his problems and knowing how KU Housing just kicks you out for infractions..they should now know that a human life is worth more than that.

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