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Plant operators working to control another round of taste and odor problems in city's drinking water

Enough of Wagner and his pin the tail on the donkey methods of water treatment. Some of Wagner's staff are much more qualified to be running this utility than he is, so why keep him around? As mentioned in an above post, other cities do not have taste/odor problems, and many of these cities are also at the end of a drainage basin.

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Both lanes of East 19th Street closed due to water main break

Failure on the part of Water Department leadership to have a feasible plan for scheduled replacement. And the water that does make it to my tap tastes like dead carp. Send Wagner back to the wastewater plant where he will do less damage.

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Who is your favorite KU basketball player of all time?

I could make a strong case for either Danny Manning or Mark Turgeon

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Town Talk: City commissioners cool to possible water, sewer rate increases; how Lawrence water/sewer bills stack up to other communities; county request for dispatch money left hanging

. . . underlying fear from staff members is that the city may be getting close to the point with its water and sewer infrastructure that it did with streets several years ago. The city lets maintenance projects pile up , and then it suddenly finds itself in a deep hole that is expensive to get out of.

The leader of the water/sewer department, Dave Wagner, appears to be inept and unqualified for the position he's in. First the "wait for rain" plan to address the foul tasting drinking water, and now this costly maintenance backlog. Utilities needs a new leader, one with some long-range planning skills (and maybe one who mans up and doesn't use a spokesperson to answer questions when they come up - is he really so important and busy that he can't speak for himself??)

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What is the first album you ever remember owning?

Paul Simon - Kodachrome
Best song - One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

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Happy hour officially returns to Kansas

They had to do this because Lawrence water tastes like dead carp. Thanks Dave Wagner.

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Alive and kicking: Cast of colorful characters passionate about Kaw Valley Kickball League

absolutely . . .

bitter, party of 1 please

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City may expedite plans for water

Perhaps it's time to end the Dave Wagner experement. This issue should have been anticipated with appropriate contingency plans in place other than waiting for it to rain. Wagner has been at the helm 4 times longer than Lawrence citizens can tolerate.

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