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Topeka man arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft


Calm down man..criminal profiling is a legal means of catching the bad guys as long as officers dont act against a socially protected class. Its often times referred to in the realm of criminal psychology and police departments refer to it as crime analysis. They pattern a series of crimes and come up with a modus of operandi, suspect info, and times.

Cops have to have a reason to pull you over (i.e. one of the 10+ req'd lights on your vehicle is burned out, you commit a traffic infraction, you just left Taco Bell and its 2 am, the officer has reason to believe you may have committed a crime, are committing a crime, or about to commit a crime, or you are from SHAWNEE COUNTY)

If you cant stand the heat, turn up the AC b/c our local men/women in blue are going to put the hammer down on your SHAWNEE COUNTY thugs.

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Topeka man arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft

Kudos to LPD on the good work in catching these crooks. If a car has Shawnee County tags and is in Douglas County after midnight, that's probable cause for a traffic stop. The more pressure our police puts on these guys, the less desirable Lawrence will be for them to commit their crimes. Profiling? No, just good ol'fashion police work.

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Man, 40, arraigned for attack in home

It would be interesting to know if all of these domestic incidents involved the same woman.

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Cameras, checkpoints gone

Since when does the Sheriff and KHP Colonel have any obligation to discuss security measures with any concert promotor, regardless if it is Mosiman or anyone else hosting a venue. They have a duty to uphold the law...period. I am so sick of this tree hugging liberal city that it makes me sick the way our officials bow down to any public pressure. Stand up for what is right and carry out the oath of office. Add saturation patrols, cameras, KBI, Drug Enforcement, ABC, ATF, and, of course, our friendly drug sniffing K9 partners.

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Man found guilty in post office battery

Eric Weslander at his best... Williams, Jennings, Williams, Jennings - ah, shucks anyway. Someone hit another someone and was found guilty of something.

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Lawrence cases in limbo as Kline leaves

>>"I'm hoping that Morrison might reshuffle the attorney mix, so to speak, and get some new attorneys in there that don't have it in for me," Blomgren said.

i.e. I hope Paul reciprocates those campaign donations into political favors and drops my case before I lose both of my stores.... Nice comments Dano, you should let your attorney do the talking next time.

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Ceremony honors police officers for heroic efforts

Congratulations to these Lawrence Police Officers for a job well done.

A few observations - Why are these police officers having to perform so many fire rescues?? I understand they are there to serve and protect but where the hell is our fire department?? We have spent how many millions of dollars in the past three years building them fancy new buildings to house their newly painted red fire engines in order to strategically place them throughout our city. Now let's educate them on how to put water on a fire and perform rescues...

Secondly, why is Olin waiting so long to acknowledge these officers for their actions?? My gosh, the Boardwalk fire was over a year ago. What kind of leadership does this display?? Can you imagine rushing into a fire, saving numerous lives, and not receive any type of recognition from your boss for over a year... piss poor leadership. Sheriff McGovern, who does not have a Ph.D. in developmental psychology, at least knows the importance of recognizing his deputies shortly after the incident occurred.

I would only assume the morale at the police department, in part at the street level, is relatively stagnant due to a lack of recognition these officers deserve. If there are any LPD officers out there who would like to comment on this, I would be interested in hearing them. Just how far removed is Olin from the street level officer?

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Police arrest two downtown for gun violations


Are You and Sigmund sitting in the back of your bike shop smoking weed or something. Both of you need to go back to school and learn how to read a law.

Patrons who park in the Borders parking lot have no reasonable expectation of privacy to the contents that can be seen from the outside of a vehicle. As has been said in earlier posts, this parking lot has general public access and includes city owned parking stalls.

The city ordinance which you refer, 14-408, specifically exempts:

4) An unloaded firearm within a vehicle so long as the firearm is within a container that completely encloses the firearm.

5) An unloaded firearm possessed by an individual who does not contemporaneously possess any ammunition for the firearm contained in any ammunition clip, magazine, speed loader, drum or other device that allows for the rapid loading of the firearm provided that such firearm is not possessed within a drinking establishment.

6) Individuals whose residence is within close proximity to the area where the firearm is possessed if such firearm is not possessed within a drinking establishment.

8) Firearms that only incidentally pass through an area regulated by this section. A firearm incidentally passes through a regulated area if the possessor does not voluntarily interrupt his or her continuous travel through the regulated area. Pausing on the roadway due to traffic control devices or traffic conditions shall not be considered voluntary interruption of travel.

These police officers are to be commended for their actions in removing these weapons from the streets. As far as Marion & Sigmund are concerned, I hope this educates you to the point where you can articulate your arguments more intelligently.

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Police target neighborhood crime

Citizens need to closely monitor the development of this program. This appears to be another one of Olin's political moves to "feed the need."
The LPD needs to return to the basics of policing such as assigning officers to primary district units for a shift rotation rather than a different district each and every night.
There have been empirical studies that have shown when officers are assigned a district, they take ownership in the 'hood, get to know the business owners, know the residents, know who belongs and who doesn't, know who should be out at 3 in the morning, etc.
I know several professionally dedicated LPD officers who are very good at their jobs and strive to make our community a better place to live. However, I am dismayed at the lack of innovation, resistance to change, and the abridgement of a vision displayed by Olin and his administrative staff. Maybe this has something to do with Olin's tenure as Chief. I think it is time we bring in a new police chief with fresh ideas and send Olin off to the Bahamas to drink martini's.

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