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Nearly full moon, extra hour of partying, Halloween combine for possibly busy night for Lawrence police

The "nearly full mooon" addition to this article is pure idiocy. If their aim was to be cheesy, they achieved it. Unless they watch Silver Bullet and are huge Gary Busey fans, any mention of a "nearly full moon" belongs no where near this article... unless their only aim was to be as cheesy as possible, or, perhaps, to target a grown up with a 5-year old's sense of reality. People getting super-drunk, wearing skanky costumes, driving after a few too many shots of Johnnie Walker--yes, that is probably relevant--this full moon bs is just cheesy fluff that you would only find in the award winning Journal-World. Just dumb... dumb.

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Overland Park man arrested in shooting incident near KU campus

"Meanwhile, Jorge Pizarro, a Lawrence resident, said he was a mere 75 feet away with friends at The Wheel, 507 W. 14th St. He said he heard at least three shots, which he described as sounding like firecrackers or a BB gun."

I'm sorry, but anyone who has ever fired a BB gun, or been around one that has been fired, knows that one makes virtually no sound at all. I can understand the shots sounding like firecrackers, but a BB gun? That is absurd. Jorge must watch too many movies and doesn't know what a real gun sounds like when fired (or didn't know, until early this morning).

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It Isn't Christmas Until I Hear This Song....

I have many favorites including many of the classics such as Little Drummer Boy, The Christmas Song, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and many others. However, there are three that have always stood out to me and it is no coincidence that they are performed by three musical legends. One is "The Christmas Spirit" by Ray Charles. Anyone who is familiar with the movie Christmas Vacation will recognize this as the song playing when Clark is locked in his attic watching family videos from Christmas' past. The second is the one Ronda mentions, "And So This is Christmas", by John Lennon. For a Christmas song it does seem rather bleek, but it is a phenominal song, nonetheless. And the third that I cannot go without hearing during the Christmas season is "Wonderful Christmastime", by Paul McCartney.Also, contrary to the opinions of a few of you, I really enjoy Bing Crosby and David Bowie's collaboration in "Little Drummer Boy". I will agree that it does not really sound fluid, but I do not think fluidity was their intention. It almost reminds me of the "Dueling Banjos" of Christmas songs. Now I am no music major nor do I know much about music theory, but something about it just seems harmonic. Now I know that sounds contradictory--my saying it is not fluid, yet seems harmonic at the same time--but that is the only way I can describe it.

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Driver arrested after overnight accident

The car "started to climb a tree"? Amazing. I would have liked to see that. Hell, I can hardly climb a tree. That is truely astonishing that the car even made an attempt at climbing one. It really adds a whole new meaning to off-road vehicle.

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Lunar eclipse tonight

Thank you, incoming snow storm, for ruining our view of the beautiful, total lunar eclipse. Well, I suppose we have to fit in our weekly snow storm sometime since that has become this winters trend. Nevermind the relatively rare total lunar eclipse, the sight of which we will not have the opportunity to view again until 2010. I am sick of the snow. Bring on spring.

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Should parents be held legally responsible for hosting parties where alcohol is served to underage drinkers?

Yes, my parents know I drink. They are fine with that. They know that I am old enough to make decisions for myself. And I said I drink because it is around me and I want to drink, I didn't say I wanted to drink just because it was around me. And yes, there may be plenty of college students that don't drink, but I can garauntee you a vast majority of them do. You're right, I don't HAVE to drink. It is my CHOICE to drink. And as I said before, I don't drink and drive, and I know it is not an alright thing to do. And our argument was about underage drinking, not drinking driving. Anyone can drink and drive, not just people under 21. No, it is not okay for anyone to drink and drive no matter their age.

But alright, I promise everyone this was my last comment. I'm sick of arguing with someone I don't even know. Take it easy everyone.

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Should parents be held legally responsible for hosting parties where alcohol is served to underage drinkers?

Crazyks, I don't think I used the word "Like" as many times in my few paragraphs as you did in the sentence in which you were imitating my "immaturity," and the times I did use the word "like," I used it in its proper context. And the reason I came back with such a hostile response is because I don't enjoy when people are so presumptious of me. Just because I drink while underage does not make me irresponsible. I'll admit, there are things I do in my life that people may consider irresponsible, and I might agree with them, but hey, I'm not perfect. I'm 20 years old. I'm a human being. Sorry I don't go the speed limit all the time. I do drink. I am not the only one. However, here are a couple of ways in which I am responsible. I attend my classes everyday -- a majority of my friends cannot say that. I always do the work assigned by the professor. I have a GPA of 3.65 -- not many of my friends can say that either. I do not want to sound conceited, but I just wanted to point out a couple of way's that one may find me at least a little bit responsible.

As for drinking, it is part of being a college student. I don't drink because I think that is what college students should do, I drink because it is around me and I want to drink (not because I have to or someone is forcing it down my throat,) and as long as I don't get behind the wheel, drink in moderate proportions, and don't do anything too stupid, I am not harming anything besides my liver.

And as for getting behind the wheel after drinking, that is not limited to people under the age of 21, so that is irrelevant to our argument.

Anyhow, I'm really sick of arguing, and I believe we both have legitimate arguments and we both have the right to our own opinion, although our opinions seem to be the exact opposite of eachother. Sorry I came off a bit hostile, I just do not like people who have no idea who I am as a person judging me based off of a comment I posted on a highly controversial subject.

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Should parents be held legally responsible for hosting parties where alcohol is served to underage drinkers?

And actually, the more I consider your comment, "Oh, they're old enough to go to Iraq. They're old enough to steal and kill someone. No big deal," the more I realize you're right, and that is no longer a hypothetical statement. If they're old enough to go to Iraq, they are old enough to kill someone, because that is what they're doing over there -- killing people. Or I mean, they're neutralizing their opponent... But really, they're killing other human beings, some of which are completely innocent.. so yeah, sorry for being so hard on your old enough to go to Iraq-old enough to kill comment, you actually were right, just as I was right that if you're old enough to go to Iraq and kill someone or get killed you're old enough to kick back a few cold ones.

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Should parents be held legally responsible for hosting parties where alcohol is served to underage drinkers?

Hey Crazyks, you're about as crazy and uptight as your username leads us all to believe. You're saying that just because me and just about every other 20 year old currently attending KU is irresponsible just because we like to have a good time and drink? Okay, well... maybe you don't belong in the 21st century... or perhaps you're ahead of your time because people 20 years old and younger have been drinking alcohol since the day people knew you could drink. Furthermore, the United States is one of the only countries in the world that has the legal drinking age set at 21.
I'm sorry I don't abide by that law, but I don't think it makes me irresponsible. Do you wear your seat belt everytime you drive? Do you use your turn signal everytime you make a turn or change lanes? Do you go the speed limit everytime you drive? Ah man, chances are you don't abide by every one of those minute laws, shame on you. You're so irresponsible it makes me sick. Okay, I'm exaggerating. I don't care if you do not abide by some of those laws 24/7, 365 days a year. If you're willing to pay the price if you get pulled over for it, then go for it, just as I'm ready to pay the $300 fine if I get caught drinking while under age. It isn't that big of a deal to me. I think it is one of the most absurd laws in the United States, and I am not going to abide by it just because some hipocrite a-hole tells me I have to. And it isn't a matter of "having" to drink now, it's a matter of wanting to drink and its availability to me and plenty of other people my age.

And last but not least, your little analogy or whatever about "If you're old enough to go to Iraq and die for your country you're old enough to steal and murder people.." That is just stupid. I couldn't find a better word to use for that than stupid. That is how stupid it was. I'm sorry, but there is quite a difference between enjoying a cold beer and robbing or killing someone. For instance, the law. Drinking under age is about the lowest misdemeanor you could possibly get, while robbery, burglary and murder are some of the highest degrees of felony offenses. In addition, crimes I just mentioned are directly affecting another person, with the intent to harm in some way, while with drinking, the only person you are potentially harming is yourself.

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