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Should Kansas create a program to help some illegal immigrants remain in the state so they can work jobs in agriculture and other industries with labor shortages?

Reading comprehension. Merrill was stating that Wal-Mart simply keeps wages down in the community, just like the hiring of illegal immigrants keeps wages down.

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Man in custody after standoff on 3300 block of Iowa Street

Police have *taken* a man into custody.. Not "Police have took a man into custody."

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Overheated refrigerator likely cause of weekend fire at KU’s Malott Hall

An overheated refrigerator, huh? Irony.

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Man taken to hospital after aggravated battery at 14th and Ohio

*ills OF society*

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Man taken to hospital after aggravated battery at 14th and Ohio

Just a guess, UNIKU and tanaumaga, but I'm willing to bet you're both wrong. If you are at all familiar with the area of 14th and Ohio, you would know that is where The Hawk is located. It also states that the incident occurred just after 2 a.m. My guess? He was assaulted by an intoxicated college student outside of The Hawk just after last call. I doubt this crime was committed by a homeless man or an "Occupier," no matter how much you wish it was just so you could blame them for all the ills off society.

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Occupy Lawrence members report crimes at South Park camp

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Stick 'em up: Clyde Barrow bank robbery re-enactment draws a crowd

It's a line from the movie "Happy Gilmore", buddy. Simmer down. It played into the end of the headline "...draws a crowd."

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Stick 'em up: Clyde Barrow bank robbery re-enactment draws a crowd

You know what else could draw a crowd? A golfer with an arm growing out of his a$$.

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KU professor says Illinois crackdown on texting while driving can be example for local law enforcement

You are right, it would probably take around 90 beers to blow above .80. Now, to blow at, or above, .08, 2-3 beers could be enough, especially if one drank them just before driving his or her car.

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Kansas City Royals week in review: 8/1/2011

So.... You're saying they should have traded Francoeur? In return for what? More unproven prospects that would probably be more "royal" flops? Franceour is a proven power hitter -- by Royals standards -- and he has shown he can produce runs.

You said you "don't know why they kept Francoeur." Well, for starters, he leads the team in RBIs (62), he's tied for the team lead in home runs (14), second in doubles (29), second in steals with (18), third in slugging percentage, and in the top 4 or 5 in most other categories. As for defense, he's second on the team in outfield assists (11), I mean, the guy has an absolute cannon, and he's accurate.

Aside from the fact that his numbers more than justify keeping him around, he's also one of, if not THE leader of this team in the clubhouse. He's got a great personalily -- he's easy going and reminds the guys that baseball is supposed to be fun -- and he also sticks up for his teammates when he has to, such as when Crow was called for that game ending balk in Chicago, Frenchy gave the umpire an earful after the game.

Simply put, I don't understand your logic. You don't see the need for Francoeur, yet you're a huge Mitch Maier fan and would like to see him have a larger role on the team? Not only is Frenchy a better ballplayer (I don't know, maybe Maier is a better pitcher, I doubt it though), but he's also younger than Maier by a 1.5 years. He's just 27, which is relatively young in baseball terms, and, as long as he stays healthy, the prime of his career is still ahead of him. I think this is perhaps one of the most important reasons they kept him. Yeah, we have Lorenzo Cain at AAA Omaha, but he's just two years younger than Franoeur, he has never played a MLB game, and aside from his batting average, he trails Francoeur in nearly all major offensive categories... At AAA Omaha.

Anyhow. That's my opinion and rationale regarding the Royals' choice to keep him around. He's still young, he is one of our best run producers, an integral member of one of the best defensive outfields in baseball, and is a leader on a very young team.

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