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Wealthy conservatives cap Koch brothers weekend with pledges

Sounds like the old "Let's Buy the Next President Fund" and call it a pledge drive trick. Then, hey, maybe let's throw a few pennies at "outreach groups" to buy us some goodwill.

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Column: Firebird Carter javelin natural

Hey, great story! However, I wanted to let you guys know that Nick Witmer graduated from Free State in '05, so he must have set the record in 2005 or earlier, rather than 2006 like it says in the article.

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One of five defendants in home-invasion robbery case rejects plea offer, will stand trial

Well.. I guess he's gonna go from being a future BoSox player, to an XBox player, to an eXSox player...and perhaps even an ex(X)box player, if he has to do any time, which I highly doubt considering he's white, an athlete, and a member of a socially acceptable socioeconomic status, meaning he'll likely get off with nothing worse than probation or house arrest, given him ample time to play XBox. Which reminds me, I hope it's one of the newer, cooler one's so he has better graphics so that it looks more realistic when he blows people's heads off playing Call of Duty or whatever is cool these days. Or, instead if Call of Duty, he could play one of the Grand Theft Auto games so that he can simply simulate robbing drug dealers!

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Should Kansas create a program to help some illegal immigrants remain in the state so they can work jobs in agriculture and other industries with labor shortages?

Reading comprehension. Merrill was stating that Wal-Mart simply keeps wages down in the community, just like the hiring of illegal immigrants keeps wages down.

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Man in custody after standoff on 3300 block of Iowa Street

Police have *taken* a man into custody.. Not "Police have took a man into custody."

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Overheated refrigerator likely cause of weekend fire at KU’s Malott Hall

An overheated refrigerator, huh? Irony.

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Man taken to hospital after aggravated battery at 14th and Ohio

*ills OF society*

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Man taken to hospital after aggravated battery at 14th and Ohio

Just a guess, UNIKU and tanaumaga, but I'm willing to bet you're both wrong. If you are at all familiar with the area of 14th and Ohio, you would know that is where The Hawk is located. It also states that the incident occurred just after 2 a.m. My guess? He was assaulted by an intoxicated college student outside of The Hawk just after last call. I doubt this crime was committed by a homeless man or an "Occupier," no matter how much you wish it was just so you could blame them for all the ills off society.

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Occupy Lawrence members report crimes at South Park camp

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Stick 'em up: Clyde Barrow bank robbery re-enactment draws a crowd

It's a line from the movie "Happy Gilmore", buddy. Simmer down. It played into the end of the headline "...draws a crowd."

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