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Do you enjoy wrapping gifts?

I don't like wrapping presents, but I don't mind wrapping something else up if she prefers, if you know what I mean!

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What did you think of the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’?

I think it's absurd to believe that a gay person cannot contribute to military efforts as anyone else does. However, isn't shower time like "free porn" for them? If gender preference doesn't matter in the military, shouldn't I be able to shower with the women? After all, it's like a man being attracted to a man. No one can argue that! I think the answer is "unisex" everything. Open showers, bathrooms, quarters, everything.

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What do you think of the new American Idol judges (Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler)?

mmm...bruschetta...is it dinner time yet?

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Obama faults himself for not selling health law

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Suspect arrested in connection with Kwik Shop gunfire case

I just can't believe it. Is this the first thug from Topeka to cause problems in Lawrence??? I have never heard of that happening before.

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KU rejects proposal for beer sales in union

Don't you think if you open the union to alcohol sales that you would have to open the stadiums to it as well? What would be the difference?

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Do you consider yourself to be patriotic?

OK, Multi, I will settle down...you want to have lunch with me at Teller's sometime?

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Do you consider yourself to be patriotic?

I may have to go eat at Teller's more often then...thanks, Ron!

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Park trashed

maybe the hippies couldn't smell the trash over their body odor and didn't realize how much they were leaving behind...just trying to be optimistic.

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Do you consider yourself to be patriotic?

I consider Margaux DeRoux to be extremely cute!!!

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