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County road closed near Baldwin City

Shhhhhhhhh! Let 'em come on down. We need the tax revenue.

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Former KDOT Secretary Miller says Brown was not involved in helping improve safety on K-10

Did the career counselor in high school tell you that you were "good with your hands/building things" by any chance?

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Former KDOT Secretary Miller says Brown was not involved in helping improve safety on K-10

No. It's about time that lies from politicians get exposed by the Fourth Estate. Seems to me that they did this once upon a time. Then they seemed to forget how. Looks like at least someone believes in doing this again.

Wish it were tried against some of the effluent from Willard M. Romney now and again.

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Brownback not ruling out sales tax plan next year

I predict the "temporary lag" to be at least 7 years.

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City commissioners agree to ban Chinese lanterns

Uh, you sound like a D- philosophy student. Maybe try again, perhaps?

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Religious freedom caucuses set up in Kansas Legislature, eight other states

OK all you religiously oppressed folks out there who think that the gubment shouldn't make your insurance company pay for birth control because they hate your freedoms ... here's a hypothetical* for you:

There's a religious minority in this country called the Christian Identity who believes Black people are of the devil. Should a practitioner of Christian Identity who happens to own a company be able to tell his [it's always a he] insurance company that they can't cover treatment for sickle cell anemia since that's a disease that primarily afflicts African Americans?

* Consult an educated person in your life if you don't know what this means. Sadly, this probably means you'll have to talk to a non-believer, but it won't hurt too awful bad.

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Going to Baldwin City? Take U.S. Highway 59, not County Road 1055

Actually it was imperative to get 1055 completed ahead of planned closures for 56 Highway in Spring 2013, where they will be replacing 3 bridges. It will be our only route to Lawrence for a good, long stretch of time.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback sells tax plan in Colorado

Two years from now he'll be inviting people to move to Kansas and ask them to bring rocks with them so we can all bang them together.

I, hyperinflate, will state for the record on October 9, 2012 at 9:50AM that this does not end well.

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School cuts haven’t made a difference, group told

"[X],an independent think-tank that advocates [Y]"

C'mon thinking people. Isn't this sentence alone enough to make you be suspicious of both [X] and [Y], regardless of what they are?

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