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All aboard the dinner train

Don't think that all of Baldwin City thinks this is a good idea. Many are quite peeved that the City ponied up a "donation" as well as backed a loan to make this lead balloon fly. It'll be all over and done with in 16 months or less. Then we citizens of BC will have some fine dining cars to use for storing old tires, etc.

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Judge rules against Kobach, will allow Kansas House hopefuls to contact voters

Woo woo! Sadly, idealism is running in MY veins at the moment (I'll admit it). Love to read the words Kobach and "lose" in the same sentence!

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Brownback says Kansas will always be part of United States

The fact that he even has to make this statement is too telling.

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Kansas Supreme Court to hear Kline's ethics case

Almost like a Grand Marnier, butter-creme icing on the most decadent double-chocolate/mocha cake.

Also, sprinkles.

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Escaped sex offender captured Tuesday in Oread neighborhood

Nor in outsourcing critical public functions to the private sector. Yes, I know the free-market-howlers will say that this will put a dent in the company's value, etc., etc., etc. But let's face it, if this were an official government prisoner transport they would have ENSURED that all procedures were followed, even if it cost more.

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Kansas Democratic leaders propose 'Buy American' law

Agreed with jmacmurr. These ideas are impossible to implement. After all, do the component parts all have to be made in America also? What about the parts of the component parts? Do the underlying raw materials have to be mined here?

Not to mention they do lead to less competition, which usually equals higher prices.

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Romney expected to win Kansas - but by how much?

And the purpose for this article is?

BTW, there's a picture of a dude in a KU cap fist-bumping Obama on the CNN website as I write this.

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County commissioners to revisit plans for recruiting retirees to area

Given your snide speech, you must identify as a poor (i.e. lacking wealth) teabagger. Self-hatred? Stockholm Syndrome?

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Baldwin City Maple Leaf Festival

Wow. The way that the captions are screwed up, you'd expect to see Elvyn Jones' byline.

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Kansas rolls out new driver's license

Please enlighten the tin-foil hat crowd as to whether there is an RFID "prox" chip in the card.

Admittedly, the idea of a Brownback administration tracking my whereabouts is a bit creepy.

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