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Homeless shelter expecting move to new facility to happen near New Year's

The new shelter is bad for the homeless and more importantly to you all horrible for the city. The only people it will benefit are the infirmed old ladies who will be allowed to stay indefinity so long as they continue to donate their social security and food stamp benefits to the shelter. Consider the shelter residents the best of the worst. They are the temporary homeless like me who just needed a lil help or the chronically lazy perm residents. These ppl will be out of site out of mind.

The ones you really have problems with downtown don't stay at the shelter. Without the shhelteer there to provide material support and hygiene items you will see more and more begging and scavenging downtown. If link stops serving lunch it will get even worse. You are not getting the out of site solution u were hoping for. The homeless prison outside of town will keep ppl like me from getting unhomeless and the miscreants you see downtown were never leaving downtown anyways.

Lastly something to think about. I'm a survivalist smart functional and resourceful. If god forbid I end up homeless again, I wood not mess with the shelter id be sleeping in my camp begging u for money and dumpster diving all day. The problem isn't going away and it just got worse and more visible for the city and the homeless.

November 8, 2012 at 1:27 p.m. ( | suggest removal )