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Brownback and other governors have a beef with ‘pink slime' critics

Good time to become a vegetarian ...

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State reopens I-70 west of Topeka; driver in custody with minor injuries

Don't drive on that stretch of highway ... there's a vortex and Thor is going to jump through it any minute ....

Seriously, this heat is bring out the wackos.

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Too much tea

If the debt ceiling is not raised, the WORLD economy WILL FAIL, along with the US. Period. Poverty will come to everyone, including those who think they are "exempt:". Poverty will come. Poverty is a visitor that doesn't care what "party" someone endorses. Poverty is a visitor that doesn't care what religion or race one is. Poverty is a visitor that doesn't care whether one "believes" any certain way or not. Poverty is a visitor that will relentlessly stalk, hunt down, and destroy. There is no escaping. It is coming ... and there is nothing one can do about it no matter how righteous one thinks one is, nor how loud one screams blame at "them" ... Poverty is coming.

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Founders’ faith

The founding fathers are dead. What they "believed" is buried with them.

Although I agree that God needs to be at the heart of decisions, religion should not. Religion is what mankind manipulated to suit their own needs, culturally and politically. Mankind has been killing each other over "my religion your religion" since day one.

God's qualities of compassion, tolerance, love, peacefulness, and treating ALL lives as one's own have been pushed aside for the darkness of hate, revenge, greed and condemning those who do not believe the same things. Do we allow ourselves to become God's qualities? Or do we fall for the enticements of differences, of separation from our fellow human beings?

Belief in God and His good Qualities is a good thing. Belief in religious bigotry, exclusiveness and holding power over others "in the name of ... " is not a good thing. Forcing one's religion onto another is not a good thing. The founding fathers knew that; hence separation between "church" (religion) and state (the actual governing by the people, for the people). They knew that belief in God and belief in religion are two different things; they knew the destruction that could come by forgetting the fine line between those. Many, many governments and countries have been utterly destroyed because religion was brought to rule.

Will we learn from the past? Or will we stumble into the future with a sword of religious fanaticism? The fate of our country rests with that.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas NOW seeks apology for confiscation of news conference props

The tires were in response to blatant remarks by Pete DeGraaf stating women might as well get used to the fact they'll be raped eventually and need an abortion ... 5 year old girls don't need abortions, 90 year old women don't need abortions ... this whole "issue" is about the hard-line repubs who want to put women in their place. What's next? women prohibited from driving?

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Who is your favorite fictional character?

Sarah Palin

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Moderation wanes in Kansas as Brownback off to fast start

Tried that but my ruby slippers got stuck in the muck oozing out of the State house ... and Toto just whizzed on my shoes ...

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Moderation wanes in Kansas as Brownback off to fast start

Oh yes, let's cut education ... keep the population ignorant. That's exactly how the Taliban think! Shut up the women, let them die if they are raped and become pregnant. Just like the Taliban. Cut medical help to the poor - who wants that scum around anyway? Push aside any ideas for renewable energy projects, because using the wind that comes out of the legislature would be a waste of air when we could burn mercury producing coal instead (it's great for babies!) Ignore the federal government ... so does that mean Kansas won't fly the American flag anymore? And will it's citizens be able to retire on Social Security ... that communist/socialist plot? Oh, and the "personal life is dead" let's cut support to the Arts. If I recall, the "personal life" was a hindrence the communist party considered evil ... uh oh, wait a minute ... the new Kansas government sounds more like communism or fascism. Oops, guess what folks, you have all been duped by the ultra-right evangelical movement! How does it feel? Would you like a spare tire to remind you that you are completely subserveient to the whims of a few radical politicians and religious zealots? Here it comes - please que the soundtrack to Deliverance ... ya'll stay tuned for the sequel.

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National divide

The opinionaire obviously has issues with Obama.
The real issue is - this country is already being "fundamentally" changed by the massive corporations and military complex that actually run the government. The elected politicians are merely their puppets. The extreme right-wing, evangelical "movement" has been digging in for decades - even Jimmy Carter warned us about this, and Ike too. For those who already know this, it is a tragedy. For those who support the destruction of our country by the military / corporation complex, you are being duped by their smooth rhetoric.
Obama is onto this "movement", hence his plans. No one person will be able to overcome the odds, however; therein is the tragedy. Those with money will "win" over those with weak minds. Obama is up against a force that will not stop until every last citizen has sworn allegiance to the phony front ideals of corporate-run propaganda.

Greed is the power that can make weak minds grovel in fear and loathing of a "threat" that is trumped up. Greed is the oil that greases the smooth, cunning words of deceit and treachery.

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The Merc says goodbye to plastic bags

Some countries and entire cities have banned plastic bags. It is nice to see The Merc take this step. Reusable bags are inexpensive and last a long time. Just keep 'em in the trunk or hang 'em on the doorknob and you'll have them handy. It is time we start thinking about the impact of plastic bags. One can whine and argue defending plastic bags, but why bother? Just buy the reusable bags - canvas, cloth, string bags - they come in cool colors and shapes too. Cheers for the Merc for this admirable step!

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