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Professor files lawsuit after KU denies him tenure

Over 40 publications and $645k+ in a mathematical based engineering field which requires VERY little funding... keep reaching

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Professor files lawsuit after KU denies him tenure

The article fails to mention a few things:

Romkes was approved UNANIMOUSLY by both tenure committees. Dean Bell overturned these approvals.
This is the first time in the history of the SOE that a tenure committee's recommendation was overturned.
This is the first time a professor at the university has EVER been denied tenure on the PI rule.

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Two women injured in accident at 15th and Iowa streets

Slow news day?

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Lawrence school district to consider buying iPad 2s

I can see the advantages, but why not buy original iPads (as opposed to iPad 2). I don't see the benefit the new features would have in this situation? It seems an iPad would be just as capable at a fraction of the price.

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Best all around shop in town. Don definitely goes the extra mile.

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback promotes three E’s of energy policy at KU Energy Conference

By the way, a patent search with your name reveals nothing... surprise surprise...

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback promotes three E’s of energy policy at KU Energy Conference

Why are you blaming the republicans? If this miraculous idea is so damn amazing, why don't you push it to a democrat? Would that make it get it moving forward?

I realize you are trying to give part of the success back to the state and kudos for that, but if your idea is that great, get it out there, make a profit, and donate some proceeds back to the state (local schools would be a good start).

It sounds like YOU are the only one that thinks this is amazing idea and your political soapbox seems like the perfect place to lay the excuses. I don't see how you are doing anything to help energy issues by complaining about it instead of getting your idea out there. Don't attack other people simply because they aren't impressed by your idea.

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Portable solar trackers follow the sun, lead the way in efficiency

It would be interesting to see the efficiency gains vs. the power used to move the panel every "X" minutes

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CEO touts future of electric cars

An electric car is about as similar to a golf cart as a riding lawn mower is to a civic.

Go ahead and continue to be stuck in your old ways. Let me guess you still use a rotary telephone as well?

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