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KU, public schools stay in session

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KU, public schools stay in session

Weseman's comments were right on. We have become accustomed to canceling school and events when there is even the threat of bad weather. It's time we toughened up and bit and learn to handle these type of situations. Stay off the roads if you are uncomfortable driving. Again, if you don't want your kid to go to school, keep 'em home. Many parents don't have the option of taking the day off work so when school is unnecessarily cancelled, it is a HUGE inconvenience for them. TJHoops - The school administration gets paid whether school is cancelled or not so it is of no benefit to them not to cancel school. They will have to put up with people complaining no matter what decision they make.

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The real housewives of Douglas County

Escapee - I completely agree. I have been both a working mother (14+ years) and a SAHM and believe both jobs are extremely difficult, yet important. When working, I had to sacrifice a lot of family and volunteer time. As a SAHM, I sacrifice many 'extras' that my paycheck could have afforded my family. There are trade-offs in both. Why can't you all just appreciate these differences and the value both roles serve and leave it at that? Seems like someone is always looking for a battle or a cause...

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Former President Bush accepts Dole prize, encourages public service

Wow - I don't know about you guys but I was really embarassed to hear the headlines about the the hecklers in Lawrence. Freedom of speech? Come on. Ever heard of 'class'? The hecklers did nothing to strengthen their 'position' (whatever that was) and only looked stupid. The sad thing is they made Lawrence look bad. Why does everyone think they have to have a 'cause'? Hecklers - Don't waste your time or others by attending these events.

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