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Wal-Mart case ruling favorable for city

Go City of Lawrence!

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Negotiators discuss teacher planning time

Generally speaking, people that rail against teachers for anything and everything they ask for are completely unacquainted with the profession as a whole, and most likely do not personally know a single teacher.

My wife is a teacher. That may make me biased, but I can say with certainty that 190 minutes a week of plan time for an elementary teacher is ridiculous. My wife gets even less. She has to plan and eat during a 15 minute timeframe each day. This forces her to work on average 10 to 11 hour days during the week (often not getting home until between 8 and 9 p.m.) and several hours on the weekend.

Spring break, Christmas break, and summer vacation is not solid vacation for elementary teachers. Much of it is used for preparation.

So, for the first two folks that commented on this article, get informed.

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