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Hillcrest teacher honored with annual 'Bobs' Award'

ryan is incredibly deserving of the bobs award. way to go, mr. mcadoo!

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Editorial: Other choices

this editorial, and the one endorsing romney, is staggering in its complete lack of serious thought or reason. i'm astonished that the folks that could issue such shallow blanket endorsements run this paper. i don't really care if the paper wants to endorse some republican candidates so long as it provides real, thoughtful reasons. But to endorse all of them in such an obviously partisan fashion is a complete joke and sullies the image of the paper.

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Kansas House, District 10: Erica Anderson vs. John Wilson

john is the clear choice in this one. the way things are going in this state, we need candidates that will actually represent their constituents, especially when it means standing up to gov. brownback. so many of the representatives in the house - and now the senate - just go along with the far right's ideological policies. not only do they hurt kansas, but i suspect they are being implemented here to pad the governor's resume on his road to the white house (lord, help us). it sounds like john actually cares about the people of kansas and the folks in the 10th and will fight for their interests.

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Town Talk: Briggs to build new showroom along Iowa Street; controversial apartment project to spur more debate

A fair synopsis by Mr. Lawhorn on the Inverness Park area.

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Town Talk: Commissioner wants to change name of 11th Street to honor Fambrough; homeless shelter plans to move by early summer; apartment plan creates tension, accusations

I disagree with how Mr. Fagan characterizes the Inverness Park District Plan to the extent he is insinuating that the IPDP mandated that Stultz's land must be rezoned to RM24. Framing the facts this way leads readers to the conclusion that Commissioners Cromwell, Schumm and Amyx are “business unfriendly.” Such a conclusion is nothing more than myopic whining.

The IPDP discusses potential future land use as Stultz's property, but it does not "call for the area to become high-density residential development in the future," as Fagan suggests. Rather, the IPDP, as adopted, affirms the current zoning of RM15, and offers suggested guidance on future land use. The Commission adopted the IPDP, but in doing so it did not decide that the 5-acre parcel would in fact eventually be rezoned to RM24. Rather, at most, the Commission acknowledged that at some point in the future the land owner might want more and would have to go through the normal public processes to do so. Indeed, the IPDP specifically states that the future land use section is only a "conceptual guide[] for future development" and is "conceptual and should not be used to determine precise zoning boundaries." It further states that any changes to the current zoning of the undeveloped 5-acre parcel would have to go through the public approval process. This is in line with the IPDP's express policy to "[l]imit additional multi-family uses in the Planning Area." Consequently, the Commissioners were not bound under the IPDP to grant a future rezoning request, and they did not go back on their word in denying the one last night.

Also, this wasn’t an instance of the City Commission denying an innocent developer’s project without reason. The property is currently zoned RM15 because that’s what Stultz asked for. Based on Commissioner Amyx’s comments, Stultz (or his representatives) represented to the Commission at that time that RM15 was to be the maximum density needed. Stultz decided to max out on the density by building all th units on one side of the property. That is not the neighborhood’s or City Commission’s fault. The developer could have asked for RM24 to begin with, instead of small-stepping the Commission and representing that’s all he needed. The developer made his bed. Now let him sleep in it. If he wants to develop the 5-acre tract, let him spend the money to retrofit the current buildings to allow for more apartments on the 5-acre tract.

We need to get away from accusing Lawrence of being anti-business or anti-development just because 1 in every 10 projects or rezoning requests are rejected. We have City Commissioners (and a couple Planning Commissioners) for a reason, and a handful of them think critically about development or rezoning requests. Just because the City Commission doesn't rubber stamp 100% of everything that comes in front of it (like the Planning Commission does) doesn't make any one Commissioner – or this city as a whole – anti-business or anti-development.

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Toyota recalls another 2.17 million vehicles for accelerator pedals that could become stuck in floor mats

oddly enough, during yesterday's snowstorm, the only vehicles i noticed stuck in the middle of the roads on low grade hills were made by ford and general motors. not sure why one of those is less of a death trap than a toyota.

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Crown Toyota receives President's Award

I agree with the first post. My wife and I bought a used vehicle from Crown two months ago. The negotiations, financing, etc. prior to the purchase was satisfactory. However, once we signed the papers things went south. We paid to have a hitch installed, and it was done poorly, causing the muffler to rattle and hum. Additionally, we found out that the vehicle's tow capacity was less than half of what the salesperson represented to us. For three weeks we haggled with our salesperson, having trouble all along getting a hold of him. He refused to take any responsibility and farmed us out on Sunflower Rentals who had installed it. They said they couldn't fix it. We again had trouble contacting the salseperson and had to go up to the manager, who also did not take responsibility. The process has been terrible and the end sum was that they would try to fix it, and if they couldn't they would remove the hitch and refund us $150 or the $335 we paid for parts and installation - despite the fact that it was all the fault of Crown and Sunflower. Customer service continues despite signing the papers, in my opinion - particularly when the salesperson tells you to call anytime with any problems. I would highly discourage people from going to Crown if they care about what happens after they purchase the car. If problems arise, you're likely to run into a brick wall. Miles Schnaer needs to change things.

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Negotiators discuss teacher planning time

Maybe your issue is more with career jealousy? If you think it's such a cushy job, give it a whirl. I wouldn't be caught dead in front of an elementary classroom. I think that the teaching profession suffers from ill-conceived prejudices, much like the legal profession (which, incidentally, I am one year from entering).

My wife is at school at 7:30 each morning.

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