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City to begin late-night transit service June 1; concerns mount over bus pass numbers for homeless shelter

They don't charge money or look at ids on the KU campus because it would take too long and cause more traffic. The KU buses generally don't carry transfer slips and the two routes that go through there, 10 and 11, probably won't give you a transfer if they know you didn't pay.

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City to begin late-night transit service June 1; concerns mount over bus pass numbers for homeless shelter

The students pay a fee to pay for the KU bus system, run by the same company as the T, and get to ride the T as well as the KU buses b/c they pay a fee.

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Wicked Broadband project seeks $500,000 city grant; downtown hotel project seeks adjustment to incentives package; historical society seeks $20k for new exhibit

Did everyone miss this or is it old news by now?
"What makes it a bit complicated is that the developers also have proposed a multistory apartment/office project for the northeast corner of the intersection."

So they want to build another building at that intersection? Is there not enough vacant office space in the downtown area? Or housing? I hope they put in a stop light and not a roundabout a block from Mass street like I've heard they want to do. Not very pedestrian friendly.

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City agrees to create resident-only parking zone on street near KU campus

The most expensive I saw was between 300 and 400 a year, and those are the special ones. And the cheapest is the park and ride, which is $100 a year. Where did you get your numbers?

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Sound Off: Why doesn’t the Douglas County Fairgrounds recycle its cardboard boxes? There’s a trash b

I'm very much into recycling and sustainability and your post makes me laugh. Saying a study was done for someone implies bias to me. The Land Institute isn't exactly an unbiased source of funding, they already believe in climate change. What they are doing is at least partly because climate change will make current farming methods more expensive and difficult, including water scarcity.
Of course why bother with what you are quoting when your post starts off with "If the city and the county would invest half as much as she has already been paid in developing the biomass and waste conversion concepts I'm proposing ". Laughable.

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Santorum wins Douglas County Republican caucus

Santorum has no chance in hell in getting elected, so I do hope this fight for the election keeps going, it only hurts Romney's chances against Obama.

You can't get elected if you don't at least pretend to be politically correct and Santorum's stance on homosexuality is ridiculous. How is anyone even thinking he'd win?
Socially conservative when it's tied to being fiscally conservative can win over some needed independent votes, but how can it when it is tied to bigotry?

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Town Talk: Something spooky coming to vacant Borders store; comedy, bum steers and elastic waistbands at 19th and Haskell; another big fight looming near the airport

Is there a source for this "best agricultural soil in the world" claim, or is this just an opinion?

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Lawrence community devastated, shocked by closing of its SRS office

This sucks, but the Lawrence office was probably closed because it's close to the KC Metro and they figure they can make all these people drive somewhere else.

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Lawrence Public Library receives grant to let patrons try out e-readers

No, I don't believe that the fact that the library is getting e-readers is the issue. I think the issue is people arguing that because of e-readers, actual books are obsolete. And people saying that the library doesn't need more room, and somehow using the try-out e-readers as an argument for it.

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Lawrence Public Library receives grant to let patrons try out e-readers

People process information differently. Some people may prefer ebooks but others will always want physical books. That will be true until paper becomes so scarce that it is too expensive to print books reasonably.

Books don't break if you drop them, and have a lower replacement cost if you drop them in water. Books don't need to be charged. And until every single person on the planet has an e-reader libraries with physical books will exist, because libraries exist to provide knowledge to everyone.

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