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Lawrence couple open bar in historic Tonganoxie hotel

Really a very cool place... a VERY welcome addition to Tonganoxie!

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Westar electric rates would rise $78M under deal

I wonder if this $78M rate hike is needed to offset the $38M they're going to "pay us back" for overcharging last year?

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Bill Self and Scot Pollard team up to buy Mass. Street property; BBQ event coming to Rock Chalk Park

The Sertoma 48 BBQ's move to Rock Chalk Park IS intended to be temporary, and has been caused by the SLT construction around Broken Arrow Park. We're certain this year's event will be just as great as past years, so don't let the venue change chase you away! We still need everyone to come taste the amazing BBQ!

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Lawrence Junior Achievement announces four inductees into local business hall of fame

Congratulations, Chuck! With all that you and Free State Brewing do in town, you're more than worthy of this distinction! Thanks for teaching so many how to give back to the community, and for sharing your passion with us! "Because without beer (or Chuck), things do not seem to go as well." Slainte!

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The smoky smell of success: Area cookers share the secrets of barbecue for a good cause

That's the thing about cooking, and life, in general... You can't please all the people all the time. A lot of things can affect the final BBQ product, and 93 degree temps with 120% humidity is one of them. But regardless of whether you liked the BBQ or not, the event is well organized and a good bit of fun. Add in that it's for a good cause, and I hope this event continues to have more and more success!

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According to, these 10 brands are likely to disappear in 2012. Which one would you miss the most?

Boycotted Sears ever since we were shopping for a dishwasher. They'd display a stainless steel model with a price of $X, but when you wanted that one, they'd tell you the price was for basic white only, and stainless was $50+ more. Bait and switch much?

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Tonganoxie school superintendent resigns his post, takes job in Lawrence

By the way, anyone want to buy a lovely home in beautiful Tonganoxie? Hit me up.

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Tonganoxie school superintendent resigns his post, takes job in Lawrence

This past April, a school bond issue was voted down that would have, among other things, built a new "intermediate" elementary school that would have addressed huge overcrowding issues in the existing old building. The opposition was "loud", and consisted largely of our anti-growth/ anti-progress population aged 65 and up. That and low voter turnout indicated to me that Tonganoxie is comfortable with being a dying little town, literally and figuratively.

I can't speak for the man, but I guess he got out while the gettin' was good!

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Which KU men's basketball victory do you enjoy more?

Tonight, it's winning in Bramlage. Ask again on March 5th.

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Car ends up on its side near Kansas River Bridge

Witnesses reported the driver exited the vehicle and yelled "Ta Daaa!"

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