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Repair shops offer niche service in a disposable society

With the price of a good pair of shoes or boots anymore it makes sense to fix them if you can.
If, God forbid, this recession/depression gets any worse I would imagine places like Bruce's will really florish.

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Are you interested in learning about other religions?

I think it would be interesting. It might give you an idea of what makes people of a particular faith act or do the things they do. What makes them "tick" so to speak.
I can't imagine what the harm would be. Unless of course you have so little faith in your own God that you are afraid to learn about someone else's. Kind of like ducking your head in the sand.

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How will you spend 600 bucks?

I am going to use it to help pay for summer day care for my 8 year old.

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Do you think income tax rebates will help stimulate the economy?

I would take it!! But I doubt it will help the economy longer then about 2 weeks. I heard on the Tv the other day that the average family owes about 20 grand in credit cards and their average house payment is about 1000 a month. I don't know how they fit a car payment in. Not to mention the poor boneheads that have a couple of payday loans out there floating around. But anyway 1600 would amount to about a drop in the bucket against that.

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Gun dangers

Oswald used a rifle to shoot Kennedy didn't he? He had to wrap it up and say it was curtain rods for his room I have read. So to get from that to a handgun seems like a pretty big leap to me.

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Snow advisory in effect; roads getting more hazardous

GretchenJP...Tell him to watch out between Wellsville and Le Loup. I don't live to far off the Le Loup exit and I heard sirens go by on the interstate about 1/2 hour ago.

Right_thinker LOL. I bet you're a sight with those billy bob teeth.

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'Mean Mom' sells son's car

My guess is that the posters who are so upset over a 19 year old still living at home must not have all that good of a relationship with their own kids.
My girl lived at home until she was 21. She has only been out of the house about 6 months now. And then she only moved about a mile down the road. If she or any of my boys ever need to come home they are always welcome. and they know it. It would seem strange to me to have it any other way.

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'Mean Mom' sells son's car

I can see the mother being upset. I can see taking the car away for awhile. Maybe. What I can't see is making such a big deal out of it that it gets national attention. She sounds like a publicity hound and an attention seeker to me.

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'Mean Mom' sells son's car

I have to agree with powershopper for the most part. My kids are 22 18 and 7. The daughter is the oldest and the younger 2 are my boys. My girl lived at home until about 6 months ago and I wouldn't have dreamed of going thru her car or her room for that matter. And I was a co-signer on her car loan. My 18 year old is a senior in high school and I MIGHT go thru his pick-up if I suspected their were something in there that shouldn't be. He bought his pick-up on his own. The truck might end up grounded to the yard for a awhile. I wouldn't make an @ss out of him and me by doing something like this.
It sounds to me like this mom is a little bit of a control freak and a publicity hound.

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Do you already know which presidential candidate you want to vote for?

I'm sick and tired of the whole dang circus already and just might not vote for any of them.

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