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Does having more people with concealed carry gun permits make you feel safer

CCW and driving...both are privileges not rights. There are those that should have the privileges revoked. I am for CCW, but with adequate demonstration of skills. I enjoy shooting but occasionally there is someone who scares the hell out of me just like so many drivers on the road.

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Does having more people with concealed carry gun permits make you feel safer

I feel much safer in those areas. Look at the statistics in areas like Chicago (check multiple resources and not just CNN). Kinda interesting how the recent mass shhotings were in gun free zones and lets not forget the incident in MS where the school principal stopped a mass shooter from running up the death toll with his personal firearm.

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Brownback defends handling of programs designed to help poor Kansans

My wife and I started out below the poverty level at one point. I worked three jobs and she worked two while I went to school so I could improve my skill set. We did not own a big screen t.v., we did not get our furniture from rent a center and we did not own IPhones. So, it can be done! People today have a sense of entitlement and think owning luxury items is their right. Help those that need it and cut off the freeloaders.

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Would you want to know if a violent criminal or sex offender lived in your neighborhood?

I want to know. Could not live with myself if something happened to one of my kids because I did not know my neighbor was a baby molester.

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Bert Nash, Heartland Community Health reveal more details about project that would create new health campus

Build the facility in East Hills Business Park along with the new shelter. Someday government handouts will end and people will be allowed to hit rock bottom.

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Do you think the police should install surveillance cameras downtown?

Just a foot in the door on violating civil right

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