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Chamber to name adult training center after area labor leader

It might surprise you, but many of us up on the Hill have also advocated for vocational and technical training in the area. Higher educational is not best for everyone regardless of whether they have the capability or not. Let's not only think about the "traditional"trades for which such training is needed. Let's also think about the demand for those in the IT industry and if we can really get the biotech industry geared up, training for laboratory technicians etc. Many companies prefer to locate in the KC area just because the numbers are in their favor in identifying job candidates in these specialized technical areas. Lawrence, although we have KU and Haskell, cannot fulfill the needs for a growing IT and biotech industry.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A mailman who delivered the mail and a smile

Tom is a classy guy. We will miss him from the neighborhood. Have a great retirement.

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KUMC candidates

From first hand information, the editors footnote is so far off base as to be comical. Professor Ellerbeck is right on base.

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State, university leaders hail KU's designation from National Cancer Institute

To Oxymoron, Hemenway was the leader at the time the vision was put together. Without him, and Atkinson there would be no cancer center. Proud that he was acknowledged along with Atkinson. BGL really helped help the vision alive but basically, this victory was a tribute to so many people within and outside the university. It was interesting to see a truly bipartisan effort to make this happen. Roy Jensen rocks.

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KU Cancer Center director encouraged after National Cancer Institute reviewers' visit

A large portion of the KUCC grant proposal was based on cancer prevention including identifying those things that trigger cancers. The KUCC is NOT just about treating cancers. Please become informed before you critique

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Town Talk: Plans filed to add new retailers next to Walmart on South Iowa; homeless shelter seeks $200,000 of annual funding from city, county; former Lawrence radio host lands gig in San Diego

San Diego is NOT liberal. It is quite conservative and has significant racial issues. He will fit in just nicely.

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Theatre Lawrence closes successful fundraising campaign for new building

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." -
-- Eleanor Roosevelt
Get a life people.

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Two people taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital following accident on Iowa Street

FlintlockRifle, I completely agree. Please do not attempt to make left turns on to Iowa from either Stratford or University. Use either 15th or Harvard road. It is a rule with all members of our family.

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Bank buys Bella Sera condo complex at forclosure auction

The bank is already carrying the $13+million loan so in essence they paid about $15+ million for the property.

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United Way of Douglas County announces 2011 campaign co-chairs

I do both. UW does more than just raise money. It helps provide agency oversight, a good house seal of approval to it agencies, if you like. It helps coordinate agencies so that holistic approaches to one's well being can be taken care of after moments of crisis. It has the goal to help people work their way out of the crisis and be able to address the root causes of their difficulty so that they are less likely to be in need in the future. If successful, we all benefit. If you want to help an agency directly, please do so. I hope those of you critical of UW walk the walk in helping those in need the best way you can by either donating or through in kind volunteering. My two cents.

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