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Police planning DUI checkpoint in Lawrence Friday night

Or...Just don't Drink and Drive...and dont give the LEO a hard time. Then you will be on your way.

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Construction worker critically injured in fall at Eudora building site

And leave lawrence without a hospital? Smart.

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Construction worker critically injured in fall at Eudora building site

Lawrence memorial is not a trauma center. Scooping them up after a TRAUMATIC accident and taking them to a trauma center saves time for the patient. Where as if he was takin to LMH they would have to wait for the transfer process between lmh and trauma center and in the end costing the patient more time and money. Better safe than sorry.

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Former KU student arrested for botched armed robbery; second suspect in hospital with gunshot wound

Since you seem to know all the facts, why dont you enlighten us?

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Lawrence man, 25, faces firearm charge after incident outside local bar

Aside from the fact that he was totally in the wrong assaulting an officer and having a gun in a bar ...this kid went to Lhs and graduated in 2005. Pull your racist/ignorant heads out of your a$$ and quit making assumptions.

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Sheriff's officers suspect alcohol a factor in fatality accident north of Baldwin

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Police respond to shots fired in west Lawrence early Sunday

I as well live at aberdeen and have had issues with management. This is embarrassing to them, someone should email this article along with comments to corporate. I heard that they actually light a fire under their a$$ and that is how you get things done. I didn't hear gunshots last night but have had issues with my neighbors and having the cops called on them not just at night but in the middle of the day too. Some days I would just like to NOT come home to a parking lot full of cop cars and live in peace.

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If you’re drinking on New Year's Eve, use this free taxi

Keep doing it and they will eventually catch you. Then after a night in jail and thousands of dollars later you will be sorry you didn't take that free ride. Clearly you like to test your limits, and clearly you have never known anyone killed by a drunk driver. shame on you.

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Man arrested after Jefferson County shooting

self defense?

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Man charged with battery for downtown altercation

The guy got beat up pretty bad, and look at his record. He deserves it.

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