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Rivalry bias

Great letter Alyssa! And very true!

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Regulations can reduce risk of deadly explosions at grain elevators

Liberty_One, I work for a chemical company, and trust me, owners and managers alike do not care about employee safety or public safety as a whole. This comes from many years experience and discussions with many competitors as well. They are deathly afraid of lawsuits though. But they work on odds... if odds are a few extra contaminants aren't going to show up in the chemicals, they will do nothing. I have to say, the new owners are not that way, but management still is. They have to keep the bottom line as bottom as possible. I think we need more regulation, not less.

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Loan debt

How about only letting students take out student loans if they are getting degrees in something that may actually get them a decent paying wage? I graduated over 20 years ago, and even then, I would have friends that got degrees in European Art History, or something vague like that, and I would ask them, "so what are you going to do with a degree in Art History?" But nowdays, with the job market as bleak as it is, those fun/interesting degrees just really aren't worth the investment. And odds are, a decent-paying job will not come with the degree.

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Lawrence City Commission puts off action on Bullwinkle’s permit

I totally agree, zstoltenberg. When you know what you are moving into, you better just accept what you are getting. Otherwise, don't move there. Amazing philosophy!

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Human cannonball, family circus offer bang for the buck

If you don't want to risk arrest or scrutiny, you find out what the rules are before you go to a new place. Then, if what you are doing doesn't comply, a smart person would not go. Otherwise I guess they deserve whatever the consequences are.

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Should 15th Street continue to be the dividing line between Lawrence High and Free State High?

It needs to be divided so there is economic equity or close to it, otherwise there will be a "have" and a "have-not" school. And trust me, once that happens all equity in education, opportunities, etc goes out the window. Even now, Free State already gets better facilities because of its benefactors. Having gone to a "poor" school I didn't even know what opportunities were not available in my school until I went to college and talked to others. Not fair. And I know that had an impact on a lot of my fellow classmates who never even attempted to go to college.

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Laughing liberal

Let me preface my statement by saying that I think extremes of anything tend to be bad.

That being said though, an extreme liberal is going to climb up a tree to prevent it from being cut down, while smoking pot and singing Kum-bay-ya (sp?). An extreme conservative is going to hoard guns, teach his children to hate anyone not like him, and prepare to take down the government.

I know which one I'd rather be if forced to choose.

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If you had a horse, what would you name it?

I have both. Chickens are definitely more dumb. Horses aren't super-intelligent, but they can be trained.

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