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Coyotes reported within Lawrence, likely due to a cold winter

A coyote killed my 17 lb dog at Clinton Parkeay and Kasold about 5 years ago. My mom saw if happen. Watch your pets as they are opportunists.

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Editorial: United effort

It is unrealistic to expect not-for-profit to be run solely by volunteers. 20% sounds reasonable. Have you (this is not directed at anyone in particular) ever volunteered for even a PTO at a school? No one is an expert. You can't rely on people to show up. They have personal lives and jobs; they can't devote their time to a volunteer position. And they are only dealing with thousands of dollars. You want volunteers to manage millions of dollars? That's just crazy. You actually need people who know what they are doing and can devote their efforts for the organization.

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Letter: God’s agenda

"One could say that what they are wanting is a noble cause, e.g., helping the poor, cleaning the environment, ending a war or providing everyone with affordable health care. If the result is so noble, then why is there a need to hide or ignore the facts? It’s because we want our way; nothing else matters. What would Jesus do?"

What would Jesus do?

He would not help the poor because there are too many people who take advantage of the system.

He would not end a war because he believes in war and not peace.

He wouldn't want to protect the environment, the earth that he left under our watch, because that would mean that we might not have as cheap of oil. or electricity, and businesses would possibly go under.

And of course, Global Warming is not real, so even if we are polluting the earth, it really isn't going to cause the earth to heat up, so who cares?

He wouldn't want people to have affordable heath care because if they can't afford it, they don't deserve it. (But hey, it's okay, because I have Medicare, so I'm covered. Medicare isn't welfare is it?)

But the liberal left is hiding facts that might prove this all wrong, (or at least partially wrong), so I don't want my taxes to pay for helping these people. But I'm okay with paying taxes to fight a war.

Because it is all about me...

That's not the Jesus that I know. My Jesus ate with the sinners and criticized the devout Pharisees. My Jesus forgave the criminals who hung on crosses next to Jesus. This doesn't mean we have a free rein to sin all we want, but he recognizes we are sinners, and He was our ulitmate sacrifice. In your world, you better pray for forgiveness on your deathbed because if you sinned that day, you may not make it to heaven.

That is really sad. For me, I want to help others even if it costs me. That's my Christian responsibility.

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Half Price Books to close Lawrence store in coming months

I would bet that main competitor is the online/electronic book option. Honestly, I would rather read on my Kindle than a physical book and I would bet I'm not the only one. Plus, I can get a book whenever I want without having to go to a book store. It is kind of sad, actually, but just a sign of the times.

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Letter: Reasonable fees

It is socialism. It is a charity. If you want capitalism, go to a pet store. Personally, I think a charity, supported by donations should put equal effort into finding homes for all animals, not just the ones that they deem more valuble. And as far as that goes, I'd be interested in seeing their books to see if this new arrangement actually brings in more money. After all, it is a money making business, right? Oh, yeah, it's a charity. $150 is not a bad adoption fee. I paid that for dog from a private rescue. But $450? That is crazy.

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Letter: Fee concern

But they DON'T take in all animals. Right now they aren't taking any cats for 3 months. So what will happen to the stray cats now? They are a rescue organization getting money from donors. This is a bleeding heart organization. It should be. It is not a business. If you want a pet business open a pet store. Then you can pick and choose what animals to take. But this is a rescue. It should not be based on the value of the pet. The shelter used to be a very low kill shelter. It is not considered that any more. In fact I know of big donors hi have pulled their donations because of the way it is run now. It has nothing to do with an allegiance to Midge but rather a concern for the dogs.
I know of someone who was looking for a small dog and was prepared to get one from the pound. At $450 for a small mutt they walked away and instead rescued a dog from a Kansas City shelter. So now that $450 dog sits in a pen another day which means as dogs come in, the lower valued dogs will need I be euthanized to make space as our shelter no longer works with fosters either. If they would have sold that dog at a reasonable price, that kennel would have been available to save yet another dog. But instead it languishes waiting for someone to fork out $450.

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Editorial: Children in need

LD, because you don't have to be a good parent to have children. Maybe we shouldn't worry about abused kids either, I mean, their parents chose to have them. They are not our responsibility. Better yet, lets regulate who can have children and then we won't have to worry about these excess expenses. Hmmm. Meet minimum income levels or sterilization until you do.

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Kansas driver's licenses remain on hold

Business sector isn't much better. Work for a large international company using SAP, and it's been down up to a week at a time. We're all held hostage to computers and those who can fix them.

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DST scam

I like DST.

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Reports of coyotes in Leavenworth prompt study

A coyote killed my chihuahua just a few weeks ago right next to La Petite on 23rd Street. The problem with increased numbers of coyotes in town is not because of urban sprawl. After all, how much rural land is in Kansas? The problem is towns provide easy sources of food supply. Trash cans, small pets, etc. And no predators at all. In the country they are kept in check by farmers when they get close to their herds and simply lack of food. But there is never a lack of trash in towns. And no farmers to shoot them. I love animals, but coyotes do need to be kept in check.

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