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Kansas City, Kan., man arrested in Lawrence on suspicion of federal drug charges

So this office just happened to recognize someone not from around here who had an outstanding warrant?? Why do I think there was more behind the story than this. Regardless, glad he was found.

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Church battles local hunger with food fight

Does anyone else think this is a little odd? The goal is to end hunger, yet they go around having a "food fight". While I know the stuff they wasted wasn't much (in the big picture), it just seems pretty odd. Needless to say, I'll never donate a single thing to their cause in the future after this.

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Prairie Park teacher receives Horizon Award for outstanding first-year service

I never had any good looking teachers when I was in school. Good job to her too.

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Sound Off: Water fountains

Own Sound Off - Why has Sound Off become nothing but small single person complaints. I remember when it use to be questions that more than 2 people in the community could benefit from.

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Sound Off: Key conundrum

I remember when Sound Off actually had good questions that was beneficial to more than just one person. Questions like this are easy to get an answer to via Email. I don't blame people for asking, I blame LJW for actually posting these and not using their brains.

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Planning commission votes to defer decision on Menards for one month

Menards is the company that is flying workers from WI to work in their store in Minot, ND. This company thinks outside the box, they'll figure out a way to make it work.

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City planners recommending denial of proposed Menard's store; Planning Commission to debate project Monday

But it (proposed location) is so far to the West of Louisiana Street, how is it really going to add any additional strain on to it that Home Depot and WalMart don't already? I agree with you 100% though about it being beyond capacity though.

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City planners recommending denial of proposed Menard's store; Planning Commission to debate project Monday

What a joke this is. We (city of Lawrence) spent how much money on the old Farmland site to develop into a business park to attract jobs? And here we have a company wanting to come to town and "create" (or how ever you want to look at that) ~250 jobs.
I could see if this was in a residential neighborhood, but its not. Businesses have already expanded to the west of Iowa street on 31st St and that worked out perfectly fine. What a joke of planners we have around here!!!

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City sets March bid date for Farmland business park construction project

I heard that theres a pretty good local firm that builds infrastructure (or at least that's what they claimed to build in Junction City).

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