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When was the last time you experienced a bait and switch?

just experience a classic example of bait & switch a few months ago at academy motors on 6th street. wrote a nice little piece about it on yelp too. so did a few other people. apparently that's academy's M.O.

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Should the United States be the global police force of the world?

er......... no. who thinks up these questions?

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i am obviously way out of the loop.....

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What’s your favorite part of Earth?

who comes up w/ these on the street questions? lame.

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Vehicular manslaughter laws leave both sides with suspended lives

"Even though we currently have a constitutional right to a speedy trial -- once you are convicted you should start serving your sentence. None of this waiting around that is happening to the young woman in this story."


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Alt. OTS; Should Lawrence High Schools Allow Zombies To Loiter On Campus After Dark?

roe, you just keep getting stranger and stranger. i think you need to clean the tubing on your still-- that sour mash is starting to get toxic to your brain. LOL

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Breast Ironing: How do we stop the mutilation?

wow! quite odd! i knew about female genital mutilation (and how it is performed still in some parts of africa, india and the middle east), and that is atrocious beyond words! but now this? sad and weird at the same time.

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Old Chestnut Tree

that was a really great poem, ronda. i liked the historic angle you took AND it also reminded me of a favorite tree of mine that was cut down recently, and what a feeling of loss it caused in me.

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Songs that are hot! Let's make them about heat, warmth, fire

i love hot child in the city!

"too hot" by kool and the gang

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Songs Sung Blue: farewell, forlorn, sad songs.

angel by sarah mclachlan

foolish games by jewel

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