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Judicial officials to reconsider closings after assurances from legislators who say they don't understand how courts couldn't trust them to provide funding

Will any of the "trust" situations mentioned here cause people to get out and vote this time??? I doubt it...

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Man accused of striking 16-year-old during alleged road-rage incident

Since I am a law abiding CC permit kinda person...if they did that to my daughter...I would have just pulled it out and shot him...then I would have beat her for being a snotty child...then I would have gotten a beer and relaxed
What a bunch of idiots...

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Town Talk: Plans filed to add new retailers next to Walmart on South Iowa; homeless shelter seeks $200,000 of annual funding from city, county; former Lawrence radio host lands gig in San Diego

We have the building...now give us more money...now give us more money...now give us more money...now give us more money...now give us more money...now give us more money

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Sound Off: I was wondering if there is a city law on how much trash and junk you can have in your fr

This city allows chickens, pigs and hedgehogs as pets. Does a little trash make that much of a diff? I don't like the color the people down the street painted their house too. maybe they should have just talked to the property owners rather then sneak a complaint to city hall.

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Legal evil

FACT: Work for the state for 29 years making 10 -15 thousand less then someone in a comparable private sector position. Vested after 10 years. Pension = $22,000.00 per year

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City urged to allow potbellied pigs

We allow chickens so why is a pig different. I have been thinking about getting a little pony or a cow.

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Westar aims to prevent outages with tree-trimming program

Several years ago the city planted some trees on the parkway directly under the power lines. When I pointed this out to the crew I was told it was to beautify the neighborhood. This year Wright hacked all of the trees into half trees so I called city hall and asked about removing the tree since it looked horrible. The city told me it will grow back in a year or two and will look fine.

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Bond support builds, as consolidation plans for Lawrence elementary schools lag

There are two things that will have to occure for a bond issue to possibly pass. No consolidation - It will be very hard to ask people for more money while we are closing neighborhood school and the bond issue will have to be so specific that the board can't divert funds from identified repairs.

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

kube48 - Their, there and they're. Bback deserves very little respect.

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