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Residents asked to conserve water as drought persists

Why of course I will leave water out for all of the "pets" people let wander in my yard. If they won't care for their animals...I guess I will

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Early in budget discussions, City and County on different paths

If we don't give the shelter $150,000 we should have enough money for the dispatchers...problem solved

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Details emerging on the proposed Lawrence recreation center

Of course they will build it. PLAY, developers and the city have be heading this direction for a while. This is all just so you think it is a great new idea.

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Study suggests continued population drop in Kansas

This is really a legit article. If all you silly people would just pay attention good times are a coming. I just saw ten new businesses start up the other day and with that massive growth we are experiencing it will trickle down on us...soon...very soon.

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Not so friendly

You are 100% correct!! Isn’t weird how there always is someone that writes an editorial who doesn’t seem to understand that. What…you think it will ever change?

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Not so friendly

Damn bikes. As I went wide around some bikes one rider flipped me off. When I was stopped at the light and turning right the same bikes cut me off by riding down the right side. Many cyclists get what they give.

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What's in a name? Lawrence school names are a nod to (sometimes obscure) history

Loveland was pushing for her high school to be named the Mary Loveland Memorial High School but Free State High was her second choice

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State commits to building 15th Street interchange on SLT if $2 million in local funds is used

It may be too tough for a tightly wound liberal to understand that once those poor homeless people get moved in...getting them out will be all but impossible...unless we give them another sweetheart deal for a bigger and better place...at our expense...
So I guess that investment sucks...just a thought

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Brownback urges passage of tax cut plan

A great plan. I've got mine and if the rest of you want yours...just get off your lazy behind...it's the American dream. BTW...evolution is just a scam.

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Sound Off: Cars are allowed to park on Barker Avenue, just north of 23rd Street. That creates a traf

Actually...all the way up to 14th street cars regularly park too close to the traffic islands but the police won't do anything unless there is a complaint. BTW...I think this is about the truck with the flame paint job

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