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102 become citizens in Dole Institute ceremony

Thanks for becoming legal U.S. citizens. Thanks for not jumping the border and breaking the law to be here. Thanks for avoiding public assistance and working hard to become something that benefits society. Thanks for choosing Kansas as your home. Thanks!

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Douglas County Commission OKs design fees for Public Works facility

Why not. It's only money.

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Opinion: Just think about Ted Cruz for a minute

Racist rant. Shameful.

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Stegall urged 'forcible resistance' to Schiavo court ruling that removed life support

This from the nominee:
The overwhelming moral sense I have when surveying the modern world is one of loss. A sense that what we have left behind in our affluence and mobility is a certain kind of Good that flourishes in rootedness and struggle—a way of being human that was always understood as the good life; a kind of self-provisioning that took place within a small network of interconnected social obligations, each to the other and all to a particular place, and to the customs and rites that naturally complimented that place. The spiritual order—both personal and social—of this good life is nourished on a veneration of children, work, craft, a sense of honor in commitments, and a common responsibility.

In place of this, modernity has given us the atomized individual, armed with a plethora of rights, making his way in a system of "opportunity" that requires the spiritual symbolization of society as a ladder to be climbed, which leaves a wake of personal disorder, the destruction of exploited people, places, and traditional communities, and loss of meaning on a massive scale.

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Opinion: Obama doesn’t wait for Congress to act

Nice job with the race card there yeoman. But since you brought up the presidents color lets get it right. He is our first gray president. Equal parts black and white make the color gray

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Lawrence joins in nationwide vigils for Trayvon Martin

Well thanks for the reply. To bad it made no sense as a reply to my post. Travon is dead because he assaulted George. Beating him pretty bad. Broken nose split scalp etc. that is the crime that got him killed. You tusch may be comfortable in the fetal position hoping for a spark of human kindness to save you from death but not all of us are.
No assault no death. Simple.

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Lawrence joins in nationwide vigils for Trayvon Martin

The young man is dead because he was committing a violent assault on a Hispanic member of the neighborhood. He would be alive today if he had not committed the crime of assault.

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Simons' Saturday Column: How will Obama react to growing challenges, criticism?

He will probably are another 100 million dollar trip somewhere. Or delay implementing the disaster called the affordable care act until after the mid term elections. The same ignorant people who worship him now will continue with their ignorance.

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Construction can't stop St. John's Fiesta

I have eaten many meals in Mexico and found food prepared in different regions to be similar but different. Fiesta food is authentic. Quit hating.

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Day 1: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

While a few bad guys go to jail the drugs continue to flow into Lawrence unabated. Drug detectives doubled their annual salary with overtime pay and still absolutely no interruption in the supply. Waste of valuable resources and time. Glad the gun toting felons are gone but the cost was stupid ridiculous.

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