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Opinion: KU can't compete with a pass D like this

Probably the worst BCS football program in the history of college football! We just plain suck! It's not just Charlie but the Chancellors office and the AD's office and probaly goes all the way the Board of Regents. We have made our mind up that mediocrity is OK at KU! No one wants to do anything about it and every football season we get our face rubbed in it! It's embarassing to be a KU alum in the Fall! If Baylor can do it, KU should be able to be at least respectable! I think unless the alums of KU get mobilized that nothing will change. Perhaps if we're a little slower to reach for our wallets, KU will start to listen! We may have to start a boycott! I'm serious!

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Opinion: There's no worse place than the road for KU football

I've been enduring this for 60 years now. I first started going to KU football with my Dad when I was growing up in Topeka. Except for a few season, we have been awful for years! It's down right embarrassing! If Baylor can bring it's football program back, surely KU can! The fault is the attitude in Lawrence starting in the Chancellor's office and at the AD's office. KU doesn't care if it wins in football! It never has and probably won't ever!
I live in the Lubbock area and have season tickets to TTU football. Even though I'm a KU grad, I probably won't wear anything that identifies me with KU next Saturday! I can't stand the embarrassment! That's a sad commentary, isn't it!
I propose that all of us quit paying our alumni association dues until KU makes a commitment to winning football! Thank God for Bill Self or we wouldn't have any alumni association members!

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No defense for KU coach Turner Gill

If you watched the OU-UT game on ABC, you know that the commentators had a comment about KU, basically, that KU football was a "train wreck!"

Quite simply, TG needs to go immediately! Fire him! His job is to win football games, period!! If he had any class, his resignation would be on the AD's desk tomorrow morning! Then go hire Mike Leach! He would turn KU football around and be a recruiting magnet!

KU needs to take football seriously, We don't have to win the conference every year, but we should be able to go at least 7-5 every year with a bowl trip! Don't even think about cutting B-Ball, but we need not to be the worst football prgm in the country! It embarrassing!

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Big 12 vows to go on with or without A&M

Once again KU pays a severe price for not playing or wanting to play competitive football. I love KU B-Ball and Bill Self, but we're going to be the poor cousin hoping some lesser conference like the Big East will take us! If it was a B-Ball thing, we'd be dictating the terms but since football reigns, we lose! What league is Washburn in? Would they take us!?

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