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Saturday Column: Column’s 60-year run spurs thoughts, memories

Dolph...Your voice each Saturday will be missed. Thank you for sixty years.


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Opinion: Columnist bids a fond farewell


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Opinion: Cyberattacks a real, frightening threat

I made an error. It was not Fred Kaplan who reported the 90% casualty estimate. It was Ted Koppel. My apologies for the error.

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Opinion: Attacks on nominee not warranted

I agree with you that the new system politicizes the selection of judges, but that is why the new system is bad. Judges should not be selected based upon their politics but rather on their abilities, at least in my opinion. This all started with the Bork confirmation hearings and, again, in my opinion, we lost a potentially great Supreme Court justice in those hearings. That is precisely why I suggest in the column that the Governor needs to rethink whether he wants this new system and the political circus that will come with it every time a nominee is selected for the Court of Appeals. Unfortunately, I doubt very much that he or the Legislature will do so.

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Opinion: Legislature undermining higher ed


I agree that the Legislature has the responsibility to ensure that the funding it provides is well-spent. However, I would make two points:

1. The educational mission of the universities is fundamentally and primarily the concern of the Board of Regents and of the Legislature only secondarily. IF the Legislature wants direct control of the universities it should abolish the Board of Regents;

2. I do not object to legislative oversight of the universities; I object to what appears to be legislative action based solely on politics and not on concerns about the scope of the university mission with which you are concerned. I have not heard meaningful debate in the Legislature about duplication of programs among the Regents Universities nor about leaving some educational programs to other non-public or non-Kansas institutions. I would welcome such debate if it were fact-driven and rational. The Legislative criticism seems, instead, to focus on what some members think is university inefficiency, i.e. needless spending, and that I believe is neither fact-based nor accurate.

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Opinion: Foliage, history are worth the trip

Actually, the Corgi is Welsh. They were also colonized by the English.

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E-books are invading our privacy

That was a joke.

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Thoughts while awaiting ruling

Jafs: I understand your position. Perhaps, it might have been different if you'd been able to sit in Yankee Stadium and watch Mantle and Maris play, let alone attend an Old Timers Day there and see Dimaggio...

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Thoughts while awaiting ruling

Jafs: I suppose that I may be reflecting my age. When I grew up in NYC in the 50s the best days I ever had were those spent at Yankee Stadium. Every kid I knew wanted to be a baseball player, not because we wanted to be rich--baseball player salaries were often so low in those days that the players had other jobs in the off season--but because of the mythology that surrounded the game. I still get teary-eyed when I watch certain older baseball movies. To many in my generation, players were heroes. I suppose that may not be true today for most kids. Also, I don't disagree with you that if players use illegal drugs they should be tried and punished. On the other hand, I don't think that seeing justice done was the motivation in the Clemens prosecution and the jury obviously agreed.

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U.S. shouldn’t ignore China’s actions

Lateralis: China, like any sovereign nation, has a right to build up its military. My point is that the U.S. is foolish to pretend that China and the U.S. are not both present economic rivals and potential future military adversaries so that we can continue to let China buy up our debt and invest freely in major US industries as well as ignore Chinese human rights violations.

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