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Are you loyal to your hairstylist?

The Green Room Salon is the best! Especially, Brad Hestand. I've been going to see him for years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. It took me some time to find someone who I can have genuine conversations with, who isn't patronizing, and does an awesome job with cut and color. I love Brad!

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Libraries are limited, obsolete

In response to jayhawks71 query about how much databases cost a library, here are a couple of figures for you:

The EBSCOhost bundle pacakge (comes with several dateabases) for a medium sized library costs about $60,000. INFOTRAC for the same sized library, costs about $20,000.

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Reliable source

Also, let's not forget that these students have access to these online journals because their library subscribes to them. I can't imagine one student being able to pay for access to EBSCOhost or INFOTRAC.

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Library defense

Classclown, I think you're missing the point in this letter. Betty never says she minds parking far away, her point is that the parking lot is alway full, hence the library is being used by many people.

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Libraries are limited, obsolete

First, I love the defenders of why libraries are needed and not obsolete.

Second, I'd like to answer Curious's question about the classics at the library. Classics are important to have at a library and LPL most likely has them, they're probably checked out. If they're not in the catalog, it's possible that they weren't being read, which means that they were taking up shelf space, which means they were probably discarded (given to the Friends' book sale) in order to make more room for books that people requested the library purchase. LPL is small! It doesn't have the space to house all the classics that you want to have at hand and the new books, too. This is why LPL needs a larger space.

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Library director makes pitch for bigger, better facility

I think that Lawrence is plenty expensive to live in at the moment and a tax hike is not something I look forward to, but I do think that the library needs improvement and I can't see any other way to do it.

As for digital storage, there are problems with that option. Who controls all of this data? How much are they going to archive? Do they have all of the Better Homes and Gardens, Newsweeks, etc. archived and indexed online? If they do take on this task, how long will they keep this stored? What happens if the files are somehow lost or deleted? And most of this online storage is done by companies that require a subscription. Yes, magazines and books cost money too, but with online database services the control of how long, how much, and what content they present to their subscribers is in their hands. I'd feel better if there were still hard paper copies and microfilm around in addition to digital media.

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Library director makes pitch for bigger, better facility


I never said that the librarians at LPL need a raise (although I think they do). What I said is that they are underpaid. This was in response to your statement saying that the librarians are overpaid. Your statement is completely false.

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Library director makes pitch for bigger, better facility

To Bowhunter99:

The librarians at Lawrence Public and their staff are severely underpaid (as are many librarians across the country). And whether or not there is a drive up (which is a fine idea) people are always going to call or come in and ask for recommendations for books, whether it be fiction or non-fiction. It is one of the main duties of a librarian to know the collection and be able to provide reader's advisory for patrons.

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