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Self stands by KU guard Collins

If she didn't file a police report apparently it didn't bother her much.If someone did that sort of thing to me I would have certainly filled out a police report.

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Homicide suspect's trial set

DMH1983 (Anonymous) says: What the LJW doesn't note is that more than likely, those boys were looking for drugs. I have heard that a resident of that house is an alleged drug dealer.I heard that also from a very reliable source.It seems this whole thing might have been over drugs.It's too bad that two people had to lose their lives over such nonsense, and that the other will lose his freedom.Kids take note.Drugs get you nowhere really fast.

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Hearing for murder suspect delayed until Tuesday afternoon

People grow up in all sorts of different ways, but sooner or later you choose your own path, so, quit blaming the parents.My sympathy to all families involved, even the suspect.They have all suffered a great loss to their family.

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Shooting leaves 2 dead

DaREEKKU (Anonymous) says: It's nice to see that hockmano has common sense. My problem with this town is that a large population of it's citizens are completely delusional. Yes, Lawrence is a nice town but it's not the Atlantis that most people make it out to be. I don't hate the town, I hate the views/people that adorn it. Maybe if people here were less condescending and more realistic:., and bearded_gnome-my boxes are packed and I'm already planning my exodus into reality.Yes, I moved here from Kansas City and THOUGHT I was moving to an open minded, culturally diverse, thriving community.Only to find out that most here are very self serving, close minded and that Lawrence is lacking in jobs that pay a decent salary.Don't worry, I have been shopping around for greener pastures for sometime now.I think my bags will be packed sometime soon also.

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Shooting leaves 2 dead

DaREEKKU (Anonymous) says: How very Lawrence of you to think that the shooters are from Topeka. That's right:blame Topeka for all the bad things that happen in this town:.perish the thought that this town sucks A LOT more than people think and it could have possibly just been Lawrence residents. This town is full of a bunch of self righteous, wannabe uppity arse-holesI may be one of a few that share your views.I have lived here for eleven years and it seems like things have changed rapidly for the worse in the last four years.

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Bar wins approval for patio beverages

That's BS! There are children in this neighborhood you know! Did they think of that? Then again, they probably don't care!I feel sorry for the people who live closer to that dump than I do.They are going to have serious complaints!Just another reason for me to move!

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Short supply not expected to burn out 4th

autie (Anonymous) says: I love the smell of black powder smoke rolling through the trees in the evening; it smells like victory. Let's blow stuff up!!I'm THERE! Let me know when and where!Lol!

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Seniors may sizzle Sunday

My daughters graduated in "06. The temperatures were in the upper "80's.They held the ceremony in Haskell stadium that day. Many people got sunburns and many older people had to be escorted out by paramedics.At least Allen fieldhouse is indoors, but isn't there someplace they can hold graduation in a comfortable setting?

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Man injured after fight outside Lawrence bar

I live just around the corner from both the Jet Lag and Louises West.You can't leave your windows open in the summer time due to all the noise.All the drunks piss whenever and wherever they like.Bars shouldn't be so close to residential neighborhoods.If you can't hold your liquor without fighting, maybe you shouldn't drink.

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On the record

Sorry to hear about your friend.I wish him and his family the best.But, often, those kinds of crimes are not reported in the newspaper.I personally, know of several assaults where the people were seriously injured but were never reported in the LJW. I too, wonder why.Hope they find the guilty parties in your case, and bring them to justice.

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