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Mexican man charged with identity theft

screedposter (Anonymous) says: Did the LJW call this man "Mexican?" How intolerant and racist.LJW should be ashamed of themselves.It does sound racist even though it probably wasn't meant to be.Why would you point out someone's race or ethnicity in a headline?Shame on them.

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Two teens detained after burglary at Deerfield School

Chances are that these two offenders are repeat offenders. I doubt it was a one time thing. It seems like most of the kids that go through the juvenile detention system go in and out like its a revolving door.The teenagers of this town need more programs to keep them busy!

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Two men charged with robbery

nikki23 (Anonymous) says: Sounds to me like the girl didn't want to get in trouble. Why would she say that the boys touched her but not say that they forced her get in the van and go with them. She knew what she was doing, as did the boys that were with her.Why do kids feel it necessary to do these crimes? The newspapers are filled with crimes with young teens. This is pathetic:really, it is. Good job to the parents for raising role-models for our youth. Our children are our future, and it seems to me that the future is looking pretty grim.A fifteen year old female is a "girl". Eighteen year old males are "men".We should be blaming the adults!

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Lawrence police investigate report of early morning stabbing incident

Yes, the knife wielding stabber is a chick from Lawrence.And one of the girls has family in Lawrence.The chick that did it is a psycho! I hope they find where she is hiding!

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Do you think abstinence education should be taught in public schools?

In this day and age, and with all the sexually explicit material on television and the internet, abstinence should be discussed in school, as well as disease prevention, sexual harassment, and how to protect yourself from all the sexual deviates of the world. All parents should educate their children and if the schools want to jump on the bandwagon so be it.Teach them prevention at home first!

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Police investigate early morning shooting

Amandak (Anonymous) says: Lawrence is turning into one big ghetto!!!!!!!!!!!!!My sentiments exactly. Anyone who doesn't believe it, doesn't live in the real world.

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Topeka activist decries gangsta rap message

Lets get down to the basics.All races and people from different economic and educational backgrounds listen to rap.Its not only the guys standing on the corner with the sagging pants and the $100 sneakers.I was born white, am currently white and will always be white.About the time I was in junior high,rap started coming of age.That was back in the '80's.I have always listened to rap and will continue to listen to rap.I have never smoked, been arrested, (or done anything illegal besides getting a speeding ticket), in my entire life. QUIT STEREOTYPING! I have a young son so I make sure that only the edited versions are played when he is around.They said the same negative things about rock and roll when Elvis came out.Grow up people.If you don't like it, don't listen to it.But, people have the right to listen to whatever they like.It's the parents job to censor what their kids are listening to, not the state's.If Fred Phelps can spew his hate in public, then let the rappers alone!

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Fireworks display moving to Clinton Lake

packs_of_wild_dogzz (Anonymous) says: Some on you must have really boring lives. Is it really a big deal or do you just complain to pass the time?While there are some that make posts who really do complain about each and everything under the sun, most are complaining about a valid issue.Such as moving the fireworks display all the way across town.They dont want a Wal Mart on the westside, but I guess a huge crowd of drunks at the lake is okay.At least the drunks could walk to the display downtown.Now, they will have to drive and put all of us in danger to get to the festivities.Like I said, I will shoot off my own fireworks thanks.Most of the cops will be up by the lake.

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Topeka resident gets probation in Last Call case

otto (Anonymous) says: Sh's probably got a bunch of kids that no one wants to take care of - so if they let her out at least she will be the one not taking care of them. - oh wait that won't help either. We are all screwed with people like her in society. But i'm sure the checks she cashes that we all pay for go straight to the crack dealer.Arent you making comments you know nothing about? Just because you do something once, doesnt mean you are on welfare or associate with crack dealers. Get a grip!

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Fireworks display moving to Clinton Lake

What ever happened to good old fashioned fun?I think more people would show up at Burcham since alot of them park at other spots nearby and walk to the location.Who the hell wants to drive all the way to Clinton Lake?I will shoot off my own.So go ahead and call the cops now.

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