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Force of nature

I think Mr. Bond has been playing too much CoD. German U-boat....Really? What exactly is a "homeowner engineer" anyway?

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A Lawrence radio station switched its format from rock to country music on Thursday. Which music do you prefer, country or rock?

I was actually hoping they'd carry the TV theme song station a little longer. Talk about good listening!

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Tiller shooting prompts PETA ads

jafs...not if they are aborted before they have a chance to. I think that was Tom's point.

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Muscle of spirited volunteers saves church about $1 million

I'm with you KV..how in the world does that kind of spelling error slip through?

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Western precincts appear to have stronger voting turnout

Don't kid yourself Roadkill - there are a lot of homeless who reside in downtown Lawrence. Homeless = poverty and typically poverty = crime. Lawrence is no different than any other place in that regard. Just ask someone who works for the LPD where the highest crime rates are in Lawrence.

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Do you think the "Plan B" morning-after pill should be sold over the counter?

Am I the only one that read the obvious sarcasm in Paladin's post?

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Census, city disagree on population

"Your complaint should be with your brethren, not with me. When they stop, I'll stop."

If you reread my post, you will see that I referred to both side of the extremes as embarassing. My impression is that people on both sides are too arrogant to realize that the things we are discussing are not simple issues that can be answered with simple solutions.

"We don't need tax abatements to achieve investment in our community. The state could simply facilitate financing to give these companies a chance."

How does the state provide that financing? Don't you realize that eventually it comes back to the taxpayer. When the state/county/city is using public money to provide financing (and thus accepting the risks and costs of any kind of financing institution) it is essentially the same thing as a tax abatement.

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Census, city disagree on population


I don't want to make this personal because I don't know you from Adam. But the brand of leftist extremism you are endorsing in your posts is just as embarrassing to our country as the far right extremism you loathe. When are people going to realize that the truth is typically somewhere in the middle?


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Census, city disagree on population

From the same post...

"Tax abatements should never fund investments in our great city"

"Start putting pressure on our governments, State, County, and City to make Lawrence a hotbed of new activity centered on energy-conserving industries."

In the same breath you state how bad tax abatements are and then urge us to put pressure on our state, county and city to bring industries to Lawrence. What exactly are the public entities supposed to do to entice these companies to come here? Maybe they should say "pretty please with a cherry on top"...that always worked when we were kids.

Whether you like it or not, tax abatements are how you bring businesses to a community. If you can think of another way, please let us all know.

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Census, city disagree on population


I think the explanation is even more simple than what you have posted. Based on my observations for the past few years, the people who are buying these houses typically don't have kids to put in the schools. This is due to a couple of phenomenon. The first is that younger people are choosing not to have kids, or at least not as many kids (this is a national trend, but it seems to be accentuated by several factors in Lawrence). The second is that the typical married couple with young children just can't afford the houses on the west side of town. These houses are most likely being bought by 1) Dual income with no kids, or 2) Older families where the kids may be beyond high school.

I will also add that I now live in Eudora. Housing is slightly more affordable in E-town and enrollment is skyrocketing. I'm guessing the trend is similar in most of the small towns around Lawrence.

These are just my observations and thoughts. I'm curious if anyone else has noticed this trend in Lawrence.

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