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4 killed in Jefferson County plane crash

They were strong members of the community and a great family, they will be missed. The community has suffered many tragedys since the beginning of the year, hopefully, this is the end.

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Lawrence resident arrested for alleged attempted murder

He should have been in prison all ready, I hope the DA's office does it right this time. He is a very dangerous person and needs to be put away for a long time.

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The littlest victims

It is good to see the true nature of child abuse in Lawrence has been brought to the front page of the news. So many children are in the need of help and hopefully the funding will come soon for the center. It is needed.

LMH needs to do more for children who are victims of sexual abuse and be proactive in helping them.

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50-year-old Lawrence man pleads guilty to possessing child pornography

NONE of the links you gave do not match your statement of one bag of pot put someone in jail for life. The first link mentions his past history of a major felony crime BEFORE he was caught with marijuana. The second link mentions he was caught with weapons, which changes the whole situation. In reference to the third link -- an ounce of pot putting someone in jail for 26 years seems fishy and I bet there is much more to this story.Do not make statements about how one bag of pot puts someone in jail for life when it is not true, there is always more to the story.

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50-year-old Lawrence man pleads guilty to possessing child pornography

"Wow, some guy gets busted with a bag of pot and goes to jail for life..."Cite an example of this please?

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KU tops North Carolina for royalties title

With such high revenue from merchandise I can see why KU sent a bill for their awards banquet. They definitely had little money left over to cover the cost of the banquet.

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Police, city talks reach impasse

Please do not bring Olin into this discussion because it does not apply to him. The contract negotiations only deal with the non-salaried officers and detectives. Many of these people have worked many years for this city and it is wrong for the city to turn back time to the 1970s.Maybe more attention should be given to how many jobs Corliss has created at city hall the last few years. The rumor heard around town in the law community is that City Hall is the largest law practice in town. If Corliss had not created so many jobs (lawyers, assistant city managers, assistant to the city manager, budget coordinator, etc) the last few years for his use, then maybe there would be enough money to fund the longevity raises for the city employees (fire, police, and everyone else) who keeps this community a nice place to live.

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City to gauge support for curbside recycling

Why doesn't the city use the empty T buses to pickup the recycling? No wait, they want to spend more money on something a very small percentage of the population will use. And, I'm sure the survey will cost a lot of money the city should be spending on something which will actually bring in positive revenue.

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Prison could boost economy

I cannot believe they want to build a prison to bring jobs and $$$ to the State. Oh my, prison pollution is horrible and it is going to destroy everything around it. Study after study have said how bad prison pollution is for the environment so we must fight this!!! Jobs are bad, increasing the tax base is bad, prison pollution is more!!!

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Coal plant decision to dominate session

Those opposed to the plant should actually spend some time in Holcomb and the Western Kansas area to gauge the local reaction to the coal plant decision. While in Western Kansas, I have witnessed a great deal of hostility towards Lawrence and the state government because of the decision. It would have made a huge economic benefit to an area of this state that is hurting for growth so many people took it personal. It not only would have benefited Holcomb but many of the surrounding communities.

And, for some of you who have never been to Western Kansas, it does not start on the west side of Topeka.

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