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Armed employees could invalidate school districts’ insurance policies

It's not about the kids - it's about the money. The insurance company would rather deny your life insurance claim if you or your child are the victim of a mass shooting (terrorist acts are not covered), than risk paying for an accident caused by someone legally carrying a gun.

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Missouri man dies of injuries after Saturday motorcycle accident

There's a bridge east of the East Lawrence exit (closer to the exit than the rest area) that's really wavy; I wonder if that's where he lost control? The lane closest to the barrier is the worst.

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Sound Off: Stoplight timing

I recommend the Turnpike if you live on the west side. You can drive faster, the KTA does a great job of clearing the snow in the winter, and you can avoid 23rd St during the evening rush. The driving time is the same from the I-70 Lecompton exit to I-435 & Metcalf as it is driving thru Lawrence and traveling on K-10. It's a little longer route but the time you save makes up for it.

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Kansas Forestry Service, USDA study finds the value of Douglas County trees

The developers in Lawrence and Douglas County place zero value in trees, as can be witnessed by destruction in 2011 of a very large tract of woodland north of Clinton Lake (75 acres) and a second larger tract north of the Lecompton Turnpike interchange (130 acres). Thank you Mr. Developer so much for the wholesale destruction of our natural resources.


How much tree clearing is happening at the new Rec Center?

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U.S. Attorney General Holder tells Brownback new gun law is unconstitutional

Wide margins in the legislature passed this bill, and both of the Dem Minority leaders supported it.

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Letter: Gun ‘rights’

So the First Amendment is about movable type, paper and ink -- hand-driven -- right?

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Letter: NRA sway?

Did the majority of Kansans support the proposed gun control bills? Roberts and Moran work for the people of Kansas.

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LHS grad sails through judicial hearing

What year did he graduate?

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Douglas County to hire construction manager for new public works facility

DG CO couldn't find a firm from Lawrence, or even Kansas, to manage a $10M project?

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