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City receives seven proposed sites for police headquarters building

Schwada bailout. The sports center got pulled from his property at the NW cor of Sixth and SLT, and after three or four years there are still no tenants for the Mercado.

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City to craft statement saying it doesn't have plans to use drones

How about creating a policy on the use of the new armored vehicle and the SWAT team?

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Opinion: Just asking: Is America crazy?

The Aurora shooter, the Phoenix shooter, the Sandy Hook shooter, and the Navy Yard shooter were all on heavy duty psychiatric drugs.

Not everyone is crazy, but there are documented links to violence/mania/suicide and these psych drugs: http://www.cchrint.org/psychiatric-dr...

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State report shows safety, security problems in sexual predator treatment program

Sex crimes should be a capital offense.

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Douglas County Commission OKs design fees for Public Works facility

Who makes a pole barn LEED?

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Editorial: Overly proud

You can have the tightest construction specs in the world but without the knowledge or will to enforce the specs you will get what the contactor decides to give you. The City has defunded the construction inspection department, and instead of employing full-time experienced inspectors, the City relies on summer interns from the KU to manage their projects. Pitting inexperienced college kids against hardnosed construction superintendents is a recipe for disaster, and the residents of Lawrence will continue to pay for crappy infrastructure until the City changes their position.

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Center to host educational sessions to raise awareness of domestic violence

Maybe Willow should give these women firearms training so these women can protect themselves instead of relying on someone else to do something. I say Empower these women!

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Recent rains delay some Lawrence road construction projects

Another City road project that doesn't get finished before KU starts.

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

Neither the police nor concealed carry permit holders are under any obligation to protect you. Just to clarify, this vehicle is about protecting the police so they can go home at the end of their shift. They will drive it thru your front door and squash you, your dog, your kids, and anyone else who gets in the way if they preceive you as a threat either real or imagined.

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Lawrence-based manufacturer of LED lighting seeking tax abatement for expansion

I'm not interested in seeing my property taxes rise so someone else can pay less taxes. If you can't start and run a business without a 50% tax abatement, then you need to raise more capital.

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