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Softball batting cages disabled by theft of copper wire

That's really sad, I know the city had just spent a lot of money repairing these for the upcoming season.

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Kansas City man arrested Sunday morning in Lawrence on gun charge

The logic of your whole argument is asinine. "Gun crimes" absolutely happen because of a gun being available, otherwise they would just be crimes. You want to stop gun crimes, get guns off the streets. Start with buyback programs focusing on handguns, this does not infringe on anyone's rights. It simply offers you the ability to let's say feed your family for a couple weeks, or pay a couple household bills. Decrease the amount of handguns,decrease the amount of random driveby shootings.

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Senate approves changes in selection of judges

Anyone who isn't ifuriated by this needs to take a step back and look at their own skewed political beliefs. Regardless of your affiliation this is not what our forefathers had in mind when it came to a three-tiered system. This is becoming much more like what Iran currently has in place.

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Should Kansas University red-shirt freshman basketball player Ben McLemore go pro after this year?

There is no need to even be thinking about this right now. Ben- you just go win a national championship with your teammates and the rest will take care of itself. Rock Chalk

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City clears the way for traffic-calming devices to be installed on 27th Street between Iowa and Louisiana

Why not just post more officers on the road and enforce the current laws we have? We know there is an issue, we have people hired to deal with these issues, let's have them do their jobs.

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Lawrence woman pleads no contest to charge of hitting man with vehicle

Anybody taking bets on whether we see this woman's name again in the news this year? I will take $25 on the "over" please.

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I called these guys on a monday to request an estimate and they were out the next day. They were comparable on price to my other estimates but exceeded on expectations. They started on time and finished earlier than they said they would. Our neighbors also have dogs and we were worried about our side fence being down for a significant time, they showed up the following tuesday, took down our old fence and had the new one built the next day. A couple moths later we called the owner about a poblem with our gate that wasn't closing the way it was supposed to and they were there within the week to fix it, also they use screws instead of nails which was the main reason our old fence had so many problems. Very easy guys to deal with.

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KU football’s GPA jump a 'big stinkin’ deal'

Couldn't have said it better nwmedia. Big congrats Jayhawks!

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An explanation to readers about recent home delivery issues

This new $5 "porch fee" is ridiculous. I just paid my newspaper bill, included a tip, and for that I now get to pull my paper out from under my truck everyday. SCREW YOU LJW. In a time where your medium is failing nationwide, you see it fit to decrease your customer service? I'm done with you, when my subscription is up you can say goodbye to my money.

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Occupy Lawrence protesters ask city for help finding new campsite

All I hear here is hate and name calling. No wonder we can't get anything done in congress (from either side) when it is nothing but screw you/no screw you politics and no listening or compromising.

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