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City approves Menards store next to Home Depot at 31st and Iowa streets

I don't know about the HD vs Mernards quality issue, but I can say that the style factor at Mernard's is a lot higher. The tile, bathroom fixtures, etc. at HD are snooze-worthy - not remotely outside the standard suburban builder's box. While Mernards isn't exactly high style, there are plenty of options displayed on the floor that give me options that don't remind me of my grandmother's house...they also have great customer service. There are a couple of guys at HD that actually know where things are but most everyone else is c-l-u-e-l-e-s-s. The amount of exercise I receive every time I go to HD (scurrying from one side of the store to the other on the direction of the employees) is ridiculous. I don't go there to do cardio.

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Duo has plan to convert Teller's into gastropub with heavy emphasis on craft beers; Papa Murphy's opens with special event for Boys and Girls Club today

I don't believe one needs to have experience running a restaurant to know that a restaurant serves sub-standard food. In fact, plenty of people who run restaurants serve sub-standard food.

Buying local is great. Eating out local is great. Eating local while eating out is even better. You know what's even better than that? Eating well while eating local, locally. Teller's does not provide that experience.

It's not good. That's the point of my post. As a pretty heavy contributor to the local restaurant economy, my gripe is not posted as an attempt to force the closure of Tellers (as if that were possible). It is simply a gripe. They serve cruddy food. If my opinion matters that much, maybe they will start serving better food. At the least, maybe they will get some of the staff that spends so much time standing around chatting with the manager busy in the bathrooms for a good cleaning.

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Letter: Wildlife warning

I have to laugh when I read this. Around two years ago, in the dead of winter, we had a wild goose wandering around our property with a broken wing. I called Game and Fish, but received no call back. Then, I called a wildlife rehab place (but I have no idea who). The lady I spoke with oh-so-casually said I could bring it in. I pointed out that I had no idea how to catch it and nothing to tote it around in. She said something super close to: "Oh, just wait until dusk and throw a blanket over it. You can just put it in your car and drive it in!" Frankly, I was so taken aback by the whole of idea of catching a wild goose - with blanket or no blanket - I was almost grateful when it wandered off across the ice and out of reach. I mean - a wild goose, covered with a blanket in the back of my car. I still can't even begin to imagine what that car ride would have been like :).

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Duo has plan to convert Teller's into gastropub with heavy emphasis on craft beers; Papa Murphy's opens with special event for Boys and Girls Club today

Everything about Tellers got better when the old manager came on. Then, everything got truly bad again when he left to open 715. Their much acclaimed new chef - who has maybe left at this point - couldn't cook his way out of a paper bag...they had big braggin' on him going on in their brochure and online talking about all the celebrities he had cooked for and after eating there once he was ensconced, I was firmly of the opinion maybe he had done some prep work in those situations - perhaps he had diced up carrots for the mirepoix - but surely nothing else. The current manager comes across as a failed frat boy and doesn't like handling any issues, the service has disintegrated - although there are a few good ones and I admit a weakness for the mustachioed waiter - and the bathrooms are now usually dirty. Their cocktails are overwrought and far too heavy handed, the quality of the food is highly questionable (there is never any reason to serve yellowed kale, people). Teller's food resembles bad hotel food - and taking on a chef from The Oread to change things is quite laughable since The Oread happily serves bad hotel food. I actually really hate eating there. Unfortunately, my husband does not share my distaste...

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Sweeping abortion bill approved by Kansas House committee

As read this on the morning of my eldest child's birthday, a child who was conceived in a time of great flux and difficulty in my life, I am unbelievably grateful that I did not give into the immediate impulse to run, not walk, to the local abortion clinic when I realized I was pregnant.

My child has given me untold gifts due to the simple fact that she exists- and if I had chosen to give her up for adoption, she would have shared those gifts with someone else - who would also undoubtedly be grateful for my choice to proceed with my pregnancy - a small matter of nine months of what will, God willing, be a long life.

I will be forever grateful that I thought of her and not just myself at that time.

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Iwig Dairy seeks license for mobile food truck in North Lawrence; also considering future North Lawrence store

According to Hildebrand, they do feed GMO corn, which they grow themselves. They also feed soy (which is likely GMO, based on national stats). They do use low-temp vat pasturization.

I wish there were more dairy producers that skipped the grains and provided grass-fed dairy. I'd feel a whole lot better about eating their end product.

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City commissioner unexpectedly raises issue of Lawrence drinking water fluoridation

My understanding is that Lawrence also uses chloromine in their water, which is very difficult to filter out and nasty to ingest. Our solution? We carry our own water around when we're out of the house.

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City commissioner unexpectedly raises issue of Lawrence drinking water fluoridation

I do not have any fillings, cavities and have had very minimal exposure to flouride.

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Developer, proposed Rock Chalk Park partner Thomas Fritzel involved in company that owes $3.4M in back taxes, fees

How come no one is looking at Dale Sueferling in all this wheelin' and dealin'?

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'Food hub' seen as way to promote local agriculture

We have found that being a member of a local CSA is great for produce and makes it much more affordable. Also, if you search out local producers (eatwild.com, localharvest.org, are just two websites to help), savings can be found! We have a community apple tree and peach tree that anyone can harvest from - I'm sure that sort of thing can be found elsewhere. Does the City of Lawrence allow people to pick from their fruit trees?

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