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School building plans reflect modernized instruction

I am in favor of getting rid of portables, but bigger classrooms = cramming more students for one teacher.

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Traffic at 23rd and Lousiana streets redirected after truck crashes into utility pole

I bet they put in a roundabout now.

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In efficiency fight, school officials counter that cuts have already left deep wounds

Well, Dave, we get what we pay for. How can we bring higher paying jobs to Kansas when our students won't have as good of an education to work in those type of positions? Good teachers will leave for better paying districts. Lawrence has lost several good ones already. Our children are the future and we are doing them a disservice.

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City commissioners split on proposed roundabout at Ninth and New Hampshire

I am saying NO to the roundabout. Absolutely NOT a good idea.

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School leaders consider ways to upgrade technology

Expecting low income students can stay after school to use internet is ludicrous when there are families without cars to pick them up or when teens must go to work directly after school. A better solution, if in fact this is a direction the board is moving toward, is to assign a computer or ipad device for a technology course only. Much more budget friendly without worrying about needing even more funds to hire technical support for all students, having enough resources in place for help desk and security breaches for cloud storage or other system malfunctions.

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Rec center? Try rec park

may as well call it Rock Chalk Rec Center. I want a vote on how my tax dollars are used.

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Heard on the Hill: Student body president wants earlier access to syllabi; a list of KU entities on Twitter, Facebook (and MySpace)

ku should give students one full week with a 100% refund, then drop the percentage down to 90% with a deadline date. one day is not suffice as lectures sometimes do not occur during the first class. How is a student to gather if the class is going to meet their expectations or if the lecturing style works for them?

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Unemployment dips below 8%

the number comes from the dept of labor and statistics and the numbers are not rigged from them. This is positive news. Have we become so skeptical that we cannot accept that maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel? The dept. is not infiltrated by democrat and republican leaders so this number did not magically appear out of thin air.

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Who do you think won last night's presidential debate?

talking over or railroading past the mediator certainly made me question if this is a man who can handle proper negotiating skills with foreign and domestic policies.

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