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Lawrence subdivisions run deep


mommaeffort is correct, that I meant more National Merit Scholars went to Central during their junior high careers then any other junior high. I don't feel as if my statement was difficult to understand. Other people got it just fine, thanks.

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Lawrence subdivisions run deep

I went to Central and loved it. It always irritated the crap outta me when people referred to it as the ghetto school or anything of that nature. Yes, there are more lower income students at Central then at any other junior high, but that doesn't mean it's any less of a school. I would personally want my child to be in a diverse environment versus any other school that really, in my mind, only offer a new building (which would be great if the school board could figure out something to allow the track team to actually have a track. I know they've changed it recently to actually allow the football field to be full length, but it's still not a full track, which is short changing the students. When I went there, all we had was like a closed down 110m strip of street). On top of that, Central has no more violent incidences recorded by the school district then any other school. And, Central even has graduated more National Merit Scholars then any other Junior High school. My experience there was with teachers that loved their craft and would do anything for their students. I remember what always really hurt me when I was in school there was hearing people from other schools refer to as ghetto, or poor, or other things along those lines. The fact is, there is no real "ghetto" in Lawrence. Lawrence is a great place to live, regardless of which school district you're in, what side of Mass St you live on, or what coffee shop you frequent.

I loved Central. And I'm sure all the other Junior Highs are great. But I personally will always prefer the Mustangs.

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Agony and ecstasy

The LJ World could care less about wrestling. mrus, I'm with you on this one.

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Thieves steal big barrel full of meth compound

Ragingbear, alot of meth producers nowadays aren't actually users. When people saw how profitable meth could be, they started looking at it almost like a business venture.

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Padia taps Lafayette; five Firebirds sign

Why say 5 Firebirds signed, and only bother to say anything aboutand only picture 4 of them?

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Schools investigate spray-painting of birds

I just heard that the chicken's legs had to be broken for them to be unchained.

Not sure how true that is, but that's the rumor.

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Schools investigate spray-painting of birds

carolannfugate -

Did I ever say that Free State had NEVER done any harmful pranks? No, I didn't, so don't try to twist my words. I simply stated that LHS pulls harmful stuff like this prank more often then not.

Free State has perpetrated damaging pranks before, yes, but going by, for one, how many pranks have actually caused a significant amount damage, and for two, how much damage was actually caused (in a dollar figure), LHS has, and by pulling stunts like this, and will continue to cross the boundaries and be idiots.

Which, I think you'd be hard pressed to come up with any other pranks Free State has pulled besides burning Chesty. Which yes, I do think it was pretty ugly, but no, I didn't think he deserved to die.

Also, which reminds me of the time an LHS football player was arrested the afternoon before the LHS-FS game, SPRAY PAINTING cars in the Free State parking lot.

In terms of the rest of the case, the students that did this need to be caught, and made an example of. The usual punishment, to my knowledge, for pulling pranks is suspension. Maybe by prosecuting them that'll cause other students to stop and think before they act.

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Schools investigate spray-painting of birds

LHS has a reputation for coming up with pranks that cause a lot of damage to Free State. One year they spray painted the giant Firebird statue in the courtyard, and I know my senior year, a few years ago, they ripped all of the trees in the parking lot out of the ground, or, even better, stealing the state championship trophy and never returning it, requiring the swimming team to order a new one.

Pranks are just fine and dandy, I think they can be hilarious. But it gets out of hand when people or animals are hurt, or when property is damaged.

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Annan urges action on Darfur

Posted by scenebooster (anonymous) on December 13, 2006 at 10:21 a.m. (Suggest removal)

"This guy is from Ghana, and thinks he knows best how to run the world."

You're from Kansas...

Just for the record, that made me spit up my drink.

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Senator calls for religion in prisons

wow right_thinker, let's just be a little bit more sterotypical and racist. Obama? So now he talks like a "white guy"? I'm going to take a wild guess and say you expected slang and every other word to be the n-word, huh? You know, because it is people's genetics to speak in a certain way and all...

Just my two cents.

On another note, I'm surprised no one said anything about Brownback's sweatshirt.

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