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School district may increase property taxes to offset expected state funding cuts

Jeff, this makes far too much sense. Are you sure you're in the right place?

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Graduation numbers improve in Lawrence school district

Often, students drop out of high school for personal reasons, when the school (administration and staff) have done all that they can. As a teacher at a Lawrence High School, I know that a huge focus we have is to increase graduation rate. We talk about it a lot. In fact, there was just an assembly about it yesterday. It's a continuous fight, and that increase is a small victory for us. It can be better, and it will continue to improve, hopefully. Sometimes, you just can't help what's happening, however. We're not at home with these students.

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Instrumental friendships forged through band

These guys are just awesome. I had the pleasure of teaching most of them while they were in high school. It will be weird to go to the games and not see them. Best of luck, boys!

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Teachers ask district for $3,250 pay boost

I'm a teacher in Lawrence. I went into work at 7:20 this morning, got home at 6:30 to eat dinner, and I'm heading back to watch the school play. Nice try, though. You clearly don't hang out with teachers.

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Of all the luck: Events unfortunately scheduled at same time as KU game

Hello, I'm Hilary Morton and I was, of course, being sarcastic on the comment about calling Bill Self, and asking him to reschedule. It was snarky, but I was kidding. That doesn't read in print very well, and I apologize.

As far as scheduling, I'm not holding anyone "hostage". If you've never been to Encore or Showtime before, it's hard to imagine how important it is to the students and to their families and friends. There were 3 other options if the families wanted to come to a performance. There are smart phones and DVRs, which most people use, and will use. That's totally up to them. I just don't want to ruin it by announcing the score if people wish to discover the outcome later. As far as low attendance, we're doing great on ticket sales. Sold out the last two nights, and nearly sold out for Saturday (about 870 tickets sold).

Scheduling is nearly impossible at both of the high schools, and it's unfortunate that this is the only window every year for Encore. In my 10 years of directing it, a KU basketball game has conflicted 4 times. Bill Self's own daughter was involved in an Encore production when KU fell in 2009. Her family was at the show the next night to cheer her on. I don't agree that the entire community of Lawrence and KC Metro should shut down for the 3 weeks of the tournament, as we can never predict what's coming. Thankfully, we have a devoted group and following, and I hope we can all be slapping hands on Mass street Saturday night after our show.

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Theatre Lawrence asks city for $100K

alceste, not a hall monitor. Just an observer of cowards who complain anonymously online, whose arguments are not based on fact. I see shows there every once in awhile, and they're so close to reaching their fundraising goal. It would benefit Lawrence greatly to have this theater moved to a new spot.

And you don't know how to spell. I caught you. Nope, I don't buy you did that on purpose. And here's another lesson for free: TheatER is the place. TheatRE is the art. If you already know the difference, then you're a peach. Maybe you can be ironic and misspell one of them in your retort to me. But please, don't feel compelled to do so. I won't read it.

Good day.

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Theatre Lawrence asks city for $100K


They do a lot more things than "Annie" and "Oklahoma". Perhaps with the new space, they can produce more variety, and have more opportunities. I think that's the point.

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Lawrence School District, teachers agree on pay raises, benefits changes

Just to be clear, I have been a teacher for 10 years, and I empty my own trash, clean my own room, solve my own computer problems AND print all of my worksheets and tests. And I love the classified staff I work with, but all of those mentionables you listed, many teachers do themselves.

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Lawrence school district teachers seek salary increase

You really have no idea. First of all, when was the last time you realized that summer is 2 months long, not 3? Do you send kids off to school in September? No. Teachers go back around August 6th, and kids return the following week. Second of all, very few teachers take 2 months off. I know I don't. When you need to get re-certified, you take college classes. Summer, or "vacation" as you think it is, is a wonderful time to attend seminars, conventions and conferences. That's where I am in the summer. I go to at least 3 per summer.

Feel free to continue believing in 3 months vacation, but it is really not so. Ask a teacher.

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