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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Judge Michael Malone and the human verdict

I sat on Judge Malone's jury during a January/February 2004 trial. This was my first time being called to serve. He was so compassionate to the jury and every morning would come into the jury room and address us....sometimes even bringing breakfast treats! It was my honor to serve you, Your Honor! Congratulations on your retirement and may you enjoy each and every deserved moment. Debbie S.

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Fakebooking Confessional

Megan, love to read your writings! You always keep me amused. Never a dull moment at your house. Keep up the good work! (hint....I was at your house yesterday).

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Lawrence man in custody after car chase; officers find pipe bomb in vehicle

I'm confused. He "bailed" at Wakarusa and Clinton Parkway and they located him at 9th and Mississippi? That's about 5 miles. So they were chasing him on foot that far?

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Sound Off: I am a Lawrence property owner, resident and taxpayer. Why are city residents like myself

I am new to Lawrence (and YES, I am a resident, property owner and pay my taxes). I did not know about purchasing all this. Where is this located and when does it become available? Do they make an announcement in the paper?

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‘November Christmas’ proves critic-proof

"November Christmas" was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Hallmark sure puts out some good ones!

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Autopsy conducted in case of body found floating in Kansas River

It was EAST of Lecompton, near Williamstown

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Service offers prayers for missing man, family

His picture has been posted many times in the LJ-W. If you watch the video related to this article, it shows his picture at the end. :)

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Service offers prayers for missing man, family

What a beautiful service! I grew up in that church with the Fowler's and they are genuine Christians. I was at the prayer vigil and you could feel all the love and support for the family. I was so happy to see all the people from the Perry/Williamstown community come together for the prayer vigil for Shawn. That's why I love small communities. It wasn't just the members of that church; I saw Catholics, those from the Christian Church, Baptists, and some who never go to church; but they all gathered together to pray for Shawn and his family. It breaks my heart to see Dale and Judy going through this. I just pray for Shawn, and for some kind of closure for this family.

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2007 baby healthy after initial scare

What a precious little girl. So glad to hear she's doing well. Loved the story!

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Funeral protesters owe $11M in damages

I just watched Good Morning America and they had a piece on there about Phelps and his group. It makes me sick that they are getting nationwide attention, which is what they want. I'm so happy that the jury found them liable, but I'm sure they'll appeal, but at least someone finally had the guts to try to put a stop to all this. I'm a Baptist, and proud of it, but this group of people give Baptists, and Christians a bad name. When I tell people I'm a Baptist, they ask me if we're part of that Phelps group. NO WAY! And their signs show the ignorance of the group. God loves everyone, even "fags". He hates the sin, but not the sinner. I have mixed feelings about Fred's funeral.... I'd love to go heckle his family just like they do to others, but that would be, for one thing, bringing me down to their level, and two, giving them the attention they want. So I'll just stay away. Besides, it won't end with his death; he's brain-washed his whole family.... so on it goes. Our justice system will need to put an end to it. God bless our military, and especially to those who have lost their lives fighting for our country. God DOES love you!! And so do I.

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